See Where Orlando Falls on TripAdvisor’s List of TOP Vacation Destinations

Orlando in the winter.

EPCOT… in the winter. 😉

It’s one of the BEST times to visit and experience all the theme parks and cuisine that the city has to offer. See, the wintertime brings in warm but not-too-hot weather, so it’s a great escape from the cold. Oh, and we typically see a little less rain in the winter than any other time of the year, as the summer showers and fall’s hurricane season have been put behind us. Don’t believe us that the winter is the best time to plan your Orlando vacation? Well…

According to PR Newswire, Orlando falls at the second-most popular city for Americans to visit throughout the winter, according to findings from TripAdvisor.


Oh, and the same study with this finding also showed that 71% of Americans will vacation in areas they’ve visited before. We’re going to go ahead and guess that the Orlando visitors might be returning again and again for some of that warm, theme park fun. 😉

Driving through Disney World

The study also found that the CHEAPEST time to visit Orlando in 2023 was between December 11th and 17th. This is slightly unfortunate, though, as this tends to be a BUSY time in the theme parks with the holidays so close. 


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Traveling to Orlando soon? Here are some things to keep in mind! 

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