Is the New Brightline Train Coming to Disney World? We Have an UPDATE!

The Brightline Train’s new route between Miami and Orlando has provided many Disney World visitors an easier way to travel between Miami and South Florida.

Brightline train

However, one problem still exists. Why isn’t there a train that takes folks from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) TO Disney World? Well, in 2022, a plan came together to solve these issues by implementing the Sunshine Corridor Program. The program would allow Brightline to lease some existing tracks from the SunRail commuting company, and provide a railway that connected MCO to an area “NEAR” Disney World, but not actually TO Disney Springs. However, that might change!

According to WFTV News, members of the Taft community (located next to the Sunrail’s main line) weighed in on the possibility of the railway actually connecting to Disney Springs.

Disney Springs

The answer was pretty positive! Many felt that this extension would be a “sensible way to move tourists and workers between major destinations, keeping cars off I4 and other roads.”

Brightline Train

Concerns were mostly based on traffic. Sunrail leaders said that the goal is
“to build elevated tracks to avoid all road crossings.”


However, the completion of the line would cause additional night and weekend transportation, which could back up traffic more frequently. A lot of folks simply hope that the railway is extended to avoid safety concerns associated with the busy interstate. Many agreed that they felt safer on the train than driving to work.


So, community feedback seems positive. Maybe we’ll see the Disney Springs station come to life after all!

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2 Replies to “Is the New Brightline Train Coming to Disney World? We Have an UPDATE!”

  1. How does a station at Disney Springs help workers? I understand workers in this area would be close to their jobs but what about other Disney employees? Seems Disney, who tries to keep backstage backstage, would have to provide employee bus stops right in the middle of peoples’vacations.
    I’ve also not seeing how this would make traveling easier. You would now get off the plane, gather any luggage, traips to the train station, ride to Disney Springs, then take a bus, taxi or some other form of transport to your hotel. Seems to just add an unnecessary step to getting to your room.
    Also sounds like a logistical nightmare moving guests out of Disney Springs to the hotels. Almost sounds like the same people who came up with the original vacation club idea, who never considered that some kind of bus service would be needed to get dvc guests from Old Key West to anywhere on property. Yes, at the beginning there was no bus service at OKW. Then we shared with the golf villas where Saratoga Springs is now. That lasted a few years until we finally got a dedicated bus system. A trip from OKW to Downtown Disney could take over an hour…we timed it.

  2. We are coming in January and I would have loved to go to WDW on the train from the airport!! I hope it goes thru for future travelers!!