No, This Isn’t a Prank. Yes, Cowboy Boot Crocs Are Real.

Every once in a while, we see something that instantly changes us as humans.

Toy Story Land

It might be an inspirational fireworks show at Magic Kingdom, or maybe the latest sprinkling of Pixie Dust you caught on your last trip. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a pair of shoes so incredible you can’t help but be incredibly dramatic about and are thus here, sharing the remarkable news with the world.

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Introducing… Crocs Cowboy Boots! It’s not often something so versatile, so stylish, and so utterly life-changing comes along, and yet here we are. Have you ever seen anything so truly remarkable?


This limited-edition design features Crocskin texture, metallic disco desert embroidery details, and a spinning spur on the back so you can really kick up some dirt. Each pair also comes with two Jibbitz Croc charms for maximum customization.


You’ll have to be patient, though, as these boots aren’t made for walkin’ just yet. They’re available for preorder and will be out on October 23rd! If you ask us, these look like the perfect shoe for your Toy Story Woody costume.

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No matter whether you think these new Crocs are a hit or not, one thing is for sure — you can count on us to bring you the latest shopping news ahead of your next Disney trip!

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