Hold Up. Could We Get a CAROUSEL OF PROGRESS Disney Movie?!

We’ve already got a live-action film themed to The Jungle Cruise and a whole franchise themed to Pirates of the Caribbean, but that’s not the end of it.

Let’s Go!

Disney previously announced a new live-action film themed to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and another themed to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Plus, the new Haunted Mansion movie is on its way. But now one actor is speaking up about what film themed to a Disney ride they’d like to star in!

In an interview, Jaime Lee Curtis — who stars as Madame Leota in Disney’s new Haunted Mansion movie — was asked about doing another movie based on a Disney ride and what ride they’d want the movie to be themed to.

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She shared that her favorite attraction was the Carousel of Progress and she’d want to make a movie based on that! She noted how the attraction is basically about “time travel” and how technology has changed over the years.

Carousel of Progress

Check out the clip of Jaime Lee Curtis talking about this potential future movie below!


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What do you think? Should a Carousel of Progress movie be next on Disney’s list? Maybe we’ll finally get to see what happens to our favorite family once they get past talking ovens and virtual reality video games!

Carousel of Progress

Or we’ll get some history about how our family came to be. What happened BEFORE that first scene in the attraction? How do all of those holidays turn out? Who is Uncle Orville really?

Carousel of Progress


Getting Ready for Spooky Season!

What would YOU want Disney to explore if they ever did make a Carousel of Progress movie? Tell us in the comments!

Carousel of Progress

For now, whether Carousel of Progress will ultimately become a live-action film is still a mystery. Disney has NOT made any announcements for it — Jaime Lee Curtis has just shared that it’s the parks-themed film she’d next want to star in. But she did seem to have some success in manifesting a sequel to Freaky Friday so you never know what might be possible!


We’ll keep an eye out for more Disney movie updates and let you know what we find. Stay tuned for more news!

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What ride should Disney make into a movie next? Tell us in the comments.

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3 Replies to “Hold Up. Could We Get a CAROUSEL OF PROGRESS Disney Movie?!”

  1. I hope Jamie Lee Curtis pushes Disney to make the movie – it’s no more ridiculous than the Haunted Mansion movie. I love Carousel of Progress and visit it at least twice on each trip, but I can’t imagine it becoming a movie. However, a movie might delay the march of progress in MK that will lead to the replacement of Carousel of Progress with yet another fancy roller coaster. Carousel of Progress is one of the final vestiges of Walt’s vision of Magic Kingdom, an entertainment that is a bit slow and enjoyable for the whole family, and maybe a bit thought-provoking in the bargain. Plus, you get to sit in a comfortable seat in an air conditioned theater for over 20 minutes. And sing along sometimes.

  2. Big fan of Carousel of Progress, not sure if they should do a movie based on it. if they did i would go see it, but they would have their work cut out to make it perfect.