You Can Win A FREE Trip to Disneyland — Here’s How!

There is SO much going on in Disneyland right now.

It’s Disney’s 100th Anniversary!

Disney’s 100th Anniversary celebration just began, which means many new souvenirs and experiences. Plus, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway has opened as well. If you’re hoping to visit to experience the excitement but don’t have a trip planned, now there’s a way you can win a FREE Disneyland trip!

Through the Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Movie Insiders Contest, one grand prize winner will win a trip to Disneyland Resort for themselves and up to 3 guests.


The group of 4 will receive roundtrip coach airfare, ground transportation, and hotel accommodations at a Disneyland hotel. The guests will also receive four 4-day tickets with park hopper and Genie+. They’ll also receive one $300 Disney gift card and an 8-hour VIP Resort Tour Guide on one day of the trip.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

This will give you a chance to ride Disneyland’s newest ride as well as experience all the 100th Anniversary has to offer. So don’t miss your chance to enter!

Enter the contest here!

Looking to have the perfect day in Disneyland yourself? Take a look at Emma and Quincy’s perfect day on our YouTube channel, and stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news!

See all of Disneyland’s 100th Anniversary decorations here!

What would you do if you won this trip? Tell us in the comments!

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14 Replies to “You Can Win A FREE Trip to Disneyland — Here’s How!”

  1. I would finally be able to take our special needs adult son for a trip he’s been asking for since he was a little boy. He desperately wants to go on the It’s a Small World ride!

  2. I would take my 8 year old and my 11 year old there we don’t have a lot of money and my daughter trinity is in love with Elsa has been since she’s been 2 and she’s 11 now it would be the most magical egsperince they’ll ever have and it would be my dream just to see them so happy

  3. I would eat Dolewhip ice cream and people watch while my children ran around having a blast! There I am, with thousands of other people, all experiencing the happiest place on earth at the same time, each in our way, in our language, but with the same love and excitement in our hearts!

  4. Hi I never been I just wanted a chance to experience this once in a life I would be so grateful

  5. If it just so happens that I find out that I had won the amazing lifetime opportunity to com along and experience the most magical place in the world, I would be utterly Ecstatic!!! I would be in a perpetual state of Awe and Wonder!!!! Wow!!!! I can see myself saluting Mickey, Minnie. Donald his wife, and the Chipmunks and enjoying the fabulous treats wearing my Minnie head band, bubbling with joy and smiles illuminating my face! Oh and the nighttime fireworks!!! This is pure Joy and I am so happy to be part of such an amazing experience to behold and Cherish forever!!!

  6. If I won a free trip to Disneyland. Its enough for me and my 3 daughters to go. I would use this trip to make it up to them and help myself. A few years ago I saved up for a year to take my babies on our first disneyland trip and stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel. It was my first time taking them to a hotel on a trip just us. On the way up there I had my first migraine with Aura while driving. I nearly crashed the car and was left on the side of the road panicked and scared because I was without eye sight. I had called for help and I assumed it was a panic attack of some kind. I didn’t want to let my kids down and I was 2 hours from home we continued on to our trip. I had the worst headache and was nauseous…It was a migraine so yea.(I didn’t know that) I couldn’t sleep. Thats right we did two day at Disneyland where I felt miserable and sick and we barely did any rides because I could only stand for so long and the noises were horrible for my head. I was scared so I wasn’t able to sleep. We ended up missing our magic morning that came with the the hotel. When we did leave I had to call for help driving home because my mind was so warped and I was so tired. It was a huge let down for myself and my babies. I have been wanting to make it up to them ever since. This would be the perfect opportunity for that to happen. Please.

  7. If I won a free trip to Disneyland and was able to take up to three people I would take my grandmother my little cousin and my aunt we’ve always wanted to go but ever since my mother died we definitely haven’t had a chance we don’t have that much money but we definitely would use these tickets well so please consider us to win these free tickets that would be absolutely amazing it would be our first time going and it would be so fun and an absolute wonderful experience I just know it and that is what I would do if I won free tickets to Disneyland I would take my grandmother my little cousin and my aunt it would be absolutely amazing and I hope i do when thank you

  8. If I won A FREE Trip to Disneyland I would be so grateful. My husband of 30 years passed away from cancer Dec. 29TH 2022, We planned a trip last July and we weren’t able to take our grandchildren Kinleigh and Addisyn. We were so excited to take them the very first time but he was too sick. Instead we planned a funeral.
    I would be incredibly HAPPY to take my grandchild in his honor.
    It would mean the world to me to win this trip!!!
    Sincerely, Cindy, Kinleigh and Addisyn From Martinez Ca.

  9. If my family and I won this free trip to Disneyland it would be a dream come true for our little princess Berlin! She’s now 5 years old and been asking for the last 3 years since she was 2. She’ll be 6 in September and we tell her every year we’ll try to make this happen for her but we can barely make ends meet monthly. It would mean the world to my husband and to be able to make her one wish come true. To be able to take our daughter to the most magical and beautiful place on earth for a child to explore and see Disneland is every kids dream that unfortunately most family can’t afford.