11 (!!) NEW Haunted Mansion Items Just Dropped in Disneyland

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Whether you prefer Haunted Mansion’s look in Disney World or Disneyland, chances are you probably can’t get enough Haunted Mansion merch.

Haunted Mansion in Disneyland

Disney just released a HUGE collection of new Haunted Mansion items online and now collectors can visit one park to shop these items in person!

In Disney California Adventure, we found NEW Haunted Mansion items for sale in Five & Dime! Some of these items are also for sale online (but not all) so come along with us and we’ll give you all the shopping deets!


We’re starting out with a Stretching Room T-Shirt that repeats one of our favorite Disney ride pre-show monologues, “Is this room actually stretching?” It costs $36.99.

Stretching Room T-Shirt

This next shirt is a collared Call in the Spirits Polo Shirt, and it has green and white stripes plus purple sleeves, with one sleeve that says “wherever they’re at.” You can get it for $54.99.

Call in the Spirits Polo Shirt

If you’re looking for a hoodie, this Hitchhiking Ghost Hoodie could be just the ticket for $64.99! It says “a ghost will follow you home” with a hitchhiking ghost hanging out near the front pocket.

A Ghost Will Follow You Home Hoodie

There’s also a Hitchhiking Ghosts Tank Top for $36.99, with the Hitchhiking Ghosts on the front and “beware hitchhiking ghosts” on the front pocket.

Hitchhiking Ghost Tank Top

If you REALLY want to get cozy, you can get Haunted Mansion Sweatpants for $49.99

Haunted Mansion Sweatpants

…or these Haunted Mansion Shorts for $39.99.

Haunted Mansion Shorts

Now let’s check out the accessories!


The Bride Minnie Ears were available for $29.99! Note that these ears have already sold out online, but you can head to DCA if you want to grab them.

The Bride Minnie Ears

They come with padded ears featuring portraits of the Bride and Groom covered in clear sequins, a mesh veil, and embroidered filigree. We’ll be watching out for a restock online or their appearance in Disney World.

Bookmark the Bride Minnie Ears here!

If you love a baseball hat, the Madame Leota Baseball Cap is $27.99, with Madame Leota herself embroidered on the front along with pearlescent beads.

Madame Leota Baseball Hat

On the back of the hat, “call in the spirits” is embroidered.

Order the Madame Leota Baseball Hat here!


The Bride Mini Backpack is another collectible item for fans of Constance Hatchaway (aka the Bride). This simulated leather bag has the Bride and Groom embossed on the front with “kiss the bride” embroidered.

The Bride Mini Backpack

Three copper applique frames finish the look. Get it for $44.99.

Click here to order the Bride Mini Backpack!

The Stretching Portraits also get a bag! This Stretching Portraits Drawstring Bag features all four legendary Stretching Portraits on a simulated leather shell, with a pull-out section meant to imitate the Stretching Room.

Stretching Room Drawstring Bag

The shoulder strap is also detachable and adjustable. Get this bag for $39.99.

Click here to order the Stretching Portraits Handbag!


Finally, we found a Madame Leota Notebook for $29.99, with Madame Leota and “call in the spirits…wherever they’re at” on the front…

Madame Leota Notebook

…and the Bride and her (headless) Grooms on the back, along with the words “a ghost will follow you home!”

Back of notebook

You can also get your pet a new toy! This Haunted Mansion Singing Busts Chew Toy comes with five padded Singing Busts and a purple rope to connect them.

Haunted Mansion Singing Busts Chew Toy

Get it for $19.99!

Click here to order the Singing Busts Pet Chew Toy!

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more new Haunted Mansion items online and in stores, so keep following AllEars for more Disney shopping news and updates!

BRB making a full Haunted Mansion outfit with Disney’s new merch!

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What’s your favorite Haunted Mansion item? Tell us in the comments!

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