AllEars TV: The BIGGEST Way Universal BEATS Disney World

Theme park experts know there’s a difference between Disney World and Universal Studios. And we don’t mean the way that you think.

Universal Studios Orlando

Today, the AllEars team is comparing perks from two theme park giants: Universal Orlando and Disney World!

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Do you prefer Disney World or Universal? Why? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “AllEars TV: The BIGGEST Way Universal BEATS Disney World”

  1. After vacationing at both recently, I got to say if we ever go back, I will only visit Universal for a max of 2 days.
    At Disney, we will spend 10 days at a minimum.
    Don’t care how much more it will cost, Disney beats Universal hands down.
    While you might not agree… Here are my reasons.
    1. Disney ~ EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. The entire 5 days we were there, interacted with 30+ cast members & each was a great experience. (& there were only 4 times we interacted with cast members due to issues( yes it was with Genie+ thanks for asking) there rest of the time was cast members just being chatty & fun)
    Universal ~ with the exception of 4 park employees, customer service is horrendous. My adult daughter was hit by an employee with a wheel chair. *no apology, just an angry “Im not suppose to be working here” & then he walked off. I tried to report him but he wasn’t wearing a name tag & the employee (who also wasn’t wearing a name tag ~ there were quite a few employees without name tags in Potterland) ten feet away didn’t know who I was talking about after describing him.
    2. Disney ~ Ride accessibility, especially for larger than average people & people with mobility issues. We didn’t have any problems fitting any of the rides.
    Universal ~ Is not a larger than average person friendly with rides. We tried several ride chair test. On 1 that we fit on the test chair but once on the ride, WE did not fit & were removed from ride. Another we didn’t fit the test chair but were told by an employee that we would still fit. Guess what, WE didn’t fit & yes after queuing for 90 mins, We were removed from the ride. NOT HUMILIATING at all.
    3. Disney ~ MAPS… While this seems silly, even with the app I still need the paper map to orientate myself. (I understand that this is a me thing) Almost every cast member had maps & if they didn’t they would call another cast member to bring over maps.
    Universal ~ They have maps at the main entrance. 1st day there talked to at least 6 employees for a map( 2 told me just use the app – the other 4 told me to go the main entrance or maybe try one of the stores) (& yes this just go to show lack of customer service)
    4. Disney ~ Food. While everything seems kind of expensive (the food prices are on par to where I live) the food is ok, but portions are big. Not everything is wonderful tasting but nothing was gross.
    Universal ~ The food is on the same price point of Disney. Only the portions are from 1/3 to 1/2 smaller. Again the food is nothing to write home about. When the best food is ice cream, well that says it all. *We ate mainly in Potterland*
    5. Disney ~ fast pass (Genie+) While Genie can be a pain in the butt, we used the heck out of it with only 1 problem (user error on my part). We fast passed every ride & rope dropped the rest. *Thanks Molly*
    Universal ~ had the unlimited express & (with the exception of Hogwarts express) we were told by employees that express passes could not be used for Flight of the Hippogriff, Forbidden Journey, Escape from Gringotts, Jurassic Park River Adventure even though they are listed as express rides. Also people who didn’t have early entry where being allowed in early. I know that sounds nit-picky, but when they are running (& yes everyone was running) to get to Hagrid’s motorbike, its very annoying.
    6. Disney ~ Overall CLEANLINESS. All cast members make sure that their areas are clean & well presented including the food & tiny store kiosk’s. While occasionally there would debris on the ground, usually napkins, lids, or packaging thrown on the ground. Most of the time a cast member would beat me to pick it up.
    Universal ~ Let just say that cleanliness is not a priority for this park. I watched several “cleaning staff” walk around in groups just talking, ignoring debris literally at their feet. *one exception, & this poor woman was working so hard, she was being run ragged. Cleaning ice cream & butterbeer off the ground*. Also, food & store kiosk’s employees pushing thru guest with arms full of broken down boxes. Nothing feels more like magic, than being hit by boxes. Good times.

    I know I sound angry and bitter about my experience at Universal, maybe I am. But my advice is NEVER go to Disneyworld first. If you want enjoy Potterland aka Universal, make sure to book that park first. If not, you will spend your whole time repeating this mantra “Disney does this so much better.”