Disney Parks Chairman Comments on New Genie Service

By now you’ve probably heard the news about the new Disney Genie service.


As everyone continues to process the now-retired FastPass+ at Disney World, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro gave some insight behind Disney’s decision to move forward with Disney Genie.

CNN Business reported that Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro commented that the Disney Genie is a reflection of the Walt Disney Company listening to guests who want a more personalized theme park experience.


D’Amaro said, “You tell Genie what you are interested in specifically — whether that be an attraction, a food, a character — and Genie’s going to come back to you and tell you how to make the most of your day.” He added that the Disney Genie is intended to offer more flexibility to guests.


D’Amaro also noted that guests of Disney Parks do not have to use the Genie service, as standby lines and virtual queues will still be available. He said, “You can still enjoy the park any way that you want to enjoy it.”


Ultimately, D’Amaro remarked that the Disney Genie is about how to best optimize a guest’s day in Disney Parks, providing guests convenience and “a continued evolution to make sure that we make that guest experience better every time a guest visits us.”

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7 Replies to “Disney Parks Chairman Comments on New Genie Service”

  1. John, parking at the parks used to cost less than $15 also. Magicbands were cheap or free until Disney started to release limited edition and limited release ones designed to take advantage of the gullible(me!), collector, children, etc.
    It’s not going to be $15 forever and isn’t that what everyone buys a park ticket for anyway?
    To stand in a standby line for ages because people prepared/able to pay more isn’t giving me a choice really!

  2. It’s all amount the extra fees to Disney World, They are a multi million dollar Co. & trying to get back the money they lost with Covid! We are only doing 1 day this time @ $133.00 FOR 1 DAY IN A park in nuts, It’s all about the VCM, notb
    us working folks

  3. He said I can enjoy it how I want, then I want my 3 fastpasses to plan my day out. I loved these espically when it’s hot.

  4. Okay they didn’t ask me😝 I like planning and figuring it all out myself before my trip. It helps me get through the waiting for the trip. I don’t believe this it is about money💲💰💲💰

  5. I believe they have the Genie System because they have to many hotels and not enough Disney parks to accommodated everyone. Sadly some people on line are going to be running into each other and missing the beauty of the parks.

  6. That’s hilarious, it’s about monetising something that previously free and giving disney the possibility of moving customers in the direction of most financial benefit to disney themselves.