Disney World Changes Their Policy On Eating in the Parks (Again)

One of the mandates that went into place just days after Disney World reopened last summer was that guests must be stationary and physically distanced while eating and drinking — this meant no sipping on your beverage or taking a bite of food while walking around the parks or resorts.

New Mask Update

Since then, that mandate was lifted and guests for a time could eat and drink on the go.

However, in a recent update from Disney, it looks like that policy is now back in place. Disney has updated their guidance and health rules to state that guests must be stationary while eating and drinking indoors.


This update follows Disney World’s modified face mask policy, which now states that all guests above the age of 2 must wear a face covering while in an indoor location, regardless of vaccination status.

Disney Face Mask

We’ll continue to keep a close watch on Disney World’s current health and safety guidelines and we will let you know as soon as we learn any new information!

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11 Replies to “Disney World Changes Their Policy On Eating in the Parks (Again)”

  1. I’m confused. It says masks must be worn indoors no matter vaccination status. Has that now changed to outdoors too?

  2. Well that doesn’t make sense about not being able to eat unless you are stationary. The mask mandate is only for indoors.

  3. Hello! I follow your blog and love your content. I wanted to share that for someone who is going to Disney next week for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, this post was confusing. It actually prompted me to call the park resort to get clarification. This dining policy applies to indoors only. If you are outdoors at the festival, you are free to walk around eating and drinking mask free. You have pictures of outdoor tables in the article with captions that say you’ll have to pull over to eat and drink, implying that includes outdoors. I think that might be old content when masks were required everywhere – it doesn’t apply to the current requirements. You may want to clarify this, as we might not be the only people reading who were confused. If we found out we could not walk around outside eating and drinking, we probably would have cancelled our vacation. So this is an important piece of information to make clear. Thank you for listening! Keep on blogging.

  4. this is very confusing, as it stated just a cast member said that, where your headline makes it sounds like it’s actual news and instructions from Disney World.

  5. Just for clarification: We’re still able to eat/drink and walk around maskless outside, just not indoors? (e.g. Can’t eat a snack in The Land Pavilion while walking over to Soarin’.)

  6. I sure hope your information is correct…because if it is, we’ll be taking our November Disney reservations to the very end of the Disney cancellation policy…and call it quits…I can wear the mask inside, but not outside

  7. Okay I am confused 🤔.
    If you don’t have to wear a mask outside why can’t you eat while walking around unmasked?

  8. not quite making sense. if the mask mandate is for INDOORS then u have to be stationary INDOORS while eating. not while eating anything at food and wine. or am I reading the rule wrong? don’t get me wrong, I am ready for the country to go back to full mask all the time since there are so many adults who don’t do their research and therefore won’t get the vaccine. but this article says must have mask inside. so the eating while walking should only apply to the indoor food places??

  9. I’m confused…. If masks aren’t required while walking around outdoors, why aren’t we allowed to also eat/drink while walking around…??

  10. But the current mask mandate states the masks must be worn only indoors, in queues, and on rides. So how can that be when guests are allowed to have masks off outside and not in a queue?