AllEars TV: Ranking Disney World’s EPCOT Festivals

Oh EPCOT Festivals, you used to be a special, once in a while event, but you’ve turned into a nearly year-around celebration of food, art, and entertainment… but we’re not mad about it.

We do however wonder which festivals are the best, and which ones we could skip during our precious moments in EPCOT…

Click Below to See how Disney World’s EPCOT Festivals were ranked!

What is your favorite Disney World EPCOT festival? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Replies to “AllEars TV: Ranking Disney World’s EPCOT Festivals”

  1. I actually agree with the reviewers ranked these festivals this time!!! However, there was one review about the Festival of the Holidays that really made me mad 😠!!!

  2. So far I’ve been to the Festival of the Holidays and Garden. They’re both amazing and hard to choose but I’d have to say the Garden festival was my favorite because of all the topiaries and gardens.