Is Upcharging for Rides the Future of Disney World?

Disneyland started charging for a ride with the opening of Avengers Campus!


Yep, you heard us right. Though the new Avengers Campus attraction is totally rideable for any guest, those willing to pay for an upgrade can get a personalized experience on this attraction. What does this mean for the future of the Disney parks?

So, could upcharging for rides be the future of Disney World?

Disney has introduced a ride upgrade that you have to purchase.

At Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure, Disney introduced a totally new ride upgrade that comes with a price. The WEB Power Band allows guests to personalize their ride experience aboard WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure.

Here’s what those Web Tech Power Bands look like!

The Power Band gives guests the ability to multi-fire with a base cost of $34.99. Add ons include powers inspired by Spider-Man, Ghost Spider, Iron Man, and Rescue and cost $29.99 each.


The Spider-Man and Ghost Spider add ons give guests electro-dynamic webs on the attraction and the Iron Man and Rescue add ons give guests repulsor blasts on board the ride.


It’s very interesting that Disney is charging for a plussed-up version of the ride experience. Of course, WEB Slingers is very rideable without the Power Bands, but it sure seems cooler with the add-on.

Charging for rides isn’t a new thing!

Now, charging for rides isn’t a new thing. In fact, it’s a very old thing! When Disney first opened Disneyland in the 1950s, the park used a system called the Ticket System.

A classic Disneyland ticket book.

You’ve probably heard the term “E-Ticket” applied to popular attractions. This comes from the Ticket System. Guests purchased entry into the park and then tickets for the different ride tiers.

Ticket Hat

But, Disney hasn’t done this since the early 1980s when it became standard for one ticket price to secure admission to all of the attractions.

So could upcharging become more of a thing in the future of Disney World?

Disney doesn’t have too much incentive to bring something like the Ticket System back. Sure, it might help to manage lines in the parks (especially now with such high demand), but there are other systems in place now that accomplish the same thing (Fastpass+, Maxpass, Virtual Queues, etc.).


But could Disney introduce more upcharges to improve the base ride experience? Definitely! It likely partially depends on how the WEB Power Bands sell and whether guests like them or not. If the reception is positive, we could certainly see the upcharge model used on future and existing attractions in Disney World and beyond.

Do you think Disney will keep upcharging for rides more and more?

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9 Replies to “Is Upcharging for Rides the Future of Disney World?”

  1. I actually would like Disney to drop ALL fast passes. Go back to the old days where you patiently waited in line. Fast pass has done nothing but cause longer lines and worst, rude people running you over trying to get back to the ride when their time comes up. Since the fastpass it’s been a dreadful to visit. Even worse is the stupid dinning plans.

  2. I would be OK with this for three reasons: 1. Only if the upcharged item is interchangeable between us as family members: meaning I can wear it one time, my husband can wear it another . . . we are 6 people, and I would NOT be happy to need to pay that price x6! Another selling point would be to 2. Keep the uncharged item the same for a few years: meaning it’s not different every single year we come. And finally, 3. I wouldn’t minding IF the upcharged item is more souvenir-like! I don’t mind buying things like bubble-blowers, cups and spinning lights because we use them at home as well (we bring the twirling lights to Disney on Ice and other parks)!

  3. I don’t mind the monetization at Disney. Just wish that Fast Passes were only included for on property Disney run hotels. There needs to be more of an incentive to stay on site with Disney. Two passes for value, three for moderates and five for deluxe and villa resorts.

  4. I already miss the “Old Disney” where every guest paid pretty much the same price and was pretty much equal with all other guests (except for the occasional plaid jacket escorted groups). With the paid upgrades for premium fireworks viewing, etc. the parks are quickly turning into a reminder of what the real world is like. If you have enough money, you can be the biggest man on campus. Not at all what I think Walt dreamed of for the parks.

  5. Be Aware… Disney is following the rest of the travel industry… In no time they will be add-on charging per toothpick… And for every toilet flush!🤯🤬🥺

  6. No to any upcharge. Disney already is so expensive, and adding more charges is insulting. Many people cannot afford Disney now. It feels greedy to me.

    1. I totally agree! Disney is getting greedy and eventually only the “ELITE” will be able to afford to go there. This will be my last year to be able to go with the prices going up!

  7. Yes if this is successful I’m sure they will do more add ons at additional cost. Disney won’t be happy until they have every last nickel in your pocket!

  8. Disney’s already charging too much and giving too little. It used to be that they were the standard bearer, but now they kind of just follow the rest of the industry. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that Iger and Chapek never just go to a park.