VIDEO: Is There Anything Disney DOESN’T Do?!

From the Disney Conservation Fund to reusable utensils and special trash cans, Disney is working to help the environment in a many different ways.

It’s Like We’re Watching Finding Nemo LIVE!

And while you can see and learn about a whole bunch of amazing fish, plants, and more at The Seas With Nemo and Friends, Disney’s work with ocean life goes far beyond that and today we got a peek at some of it! Seriously, is there anything Disney DOESN’T DO?!

For the past year, a team of Disney aquatic wildlife experts and conservationists have been working on a special project to help save Florida’s coral reefs. Earlier today Disney shared some updates on this work.

What’s going on with Florida’s coral reefs you ask? Well, there has been a rapid spread of stony coral tissue loss disease, and this has actually placed 22 coral species at risk of extinction! This can cause a big impact on the health of our oceans.

Here’s a Peek at Some of the Work Being Done ©Disney

Disney has partnered with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, NOAA Fisheries, and SeaWorld, to establish the Florida Coral Rescue Center in Orlando. This is actually the “largest facility of its kind in the U.S.” and is aimed at caring for some of the species of Florida coral that are the most vulnerable.

Helping the Coral ©Disney

What does the Florida Coral Rescue Center do? Well, they provide a safe environment for over 700(!!) coral specimens that are in their care. The goal of the Center is to eventually return those corals back to the ocean so they can help restore underwater ecosystems.

Saving the Coral! ©Disney

You can check out a video about their work below!

This coral reef project was inspired by Dr. Andy Stamper, who has worked in partnership with Disney Cruise Line and Disney Conservation to rehabilitate coral reefs in the Bahamas.

Disney shares that it was the “first in The Bahamas to implement coral nurseries in 2007.” The Disney Conservation Fund has also “provided nearly $17 million to marine conservation programs” affecting every ocean across the world.

Nemo Would Be Proud ©Disney

So, it looks like Disney is really working hard to help save Florida’s coral reefs and help oceans around the world. We’ll keep an eye out for more details on Disney’s conservation efforts and let you know what we find. Stay tuned for more updates.

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