NEWS: Face Masks Should Be Worn Anywhere Indoors When Not at Home, According to the CDC

Every week, it seems there’s a new report from the Centers for Disease Control with updates on mask mandates and safety recommendations.

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In the midst of the typically busy (and social) holiday season, that the CDC is stepping up their face mask recommendations with a new advisory.

Ever since the pandemic started in March, we’ve heard reports from the CDC about the safest practices for minimizing spread of COVID-19 and flattening the curve. 

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It’s been a year of more ups and downs than Splash Mountain, and now comes an update from the CDC, which is saying for the first time that everyone should wear masks in any indoor setting that isn’t your own home.

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In the report, it explains that consistent mask use is crucial for reducing transmission, especially since about half of new infections are from asymptomatic people. 

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They also double down on regulations stating people should continue wearing masks outside when within six feet of others, but they also add that you should even wear them in your own home if someone in your household is sick or has been potentially exposed.

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The CDC continually changes its recommendations as it learns more about the coronavirus. We’ll continue to monitor any new updates from the CDC and let you know right away.

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One Reply to “NEWS: Face Masks Should Be Worn Anywhere Indoors When Not at Home, According to the CDC”

  1. This is a Duh thing for me. We’ve been doing this since March. I don’t see how anyone could think otherwise. The 15 minutes rule is stupid as well. You aren’t safe just because it’s 13 minutes of exposure VS 16. My husband and son are nurses. They’re having to watch people suffer and die since March without enough PPE.