Seven Cast Members Who Don’t Clock Out When the Disney Parks Close

The Disney Parks are truly 24/7, 365-day operations! You may have heard the phrase “the city that never sleeps” when people talk about New York City, but the same could be said for the Disney parks!

Main Street, U.S.A.

That’s because when the parks close, a whole team of Cast Members are still on the clock or just arriving for the BEGINNING of their shifts!

Here are seven Cast Members who don’t clock out just because the parks close!


Safety is always at the top of Disney’s list of priorities, and that includes the safety and security of the Cast Members and parks when all the guests have left for the day. There are teams of Security Cast Members that work the “graveyard shift” to make sure everyone is safe overnight, as well as in the morning when guests return.

Disneyland’s finest ©Loren Javier


Overnight, all of the rides and attractions are cared for and tended to by a team of Maintenance Cast Members. If something went awry during the day, it’s often addressed overnight by this team. Any mechanical issues, safety inspections, and general upkeep is addressed during the third shift.

Space Mountain


Disney parks are known to be kept in tip-top shape, and that extends to all of the plants, shrubbery, trees, and flowers throughout the parks! There’s an entire group of Horticulture Cast Members specifically devoted to pruning and sprucing up the park grounds overnight.

EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival


Just like the Horticulture Cast Members, the Custodial team makes sure that the parks are in pristine condition when guests arrive the following morning. If you’ve ever marveled at how clean the parks are, that’s all thanks to the incredible Custodial team working overnight! From power washing the walkways to wiping EVERYTHING down, each night is an opportunity to make the parks look brand new!

Custodial Cast Member and their incredible Water Art!


Alright, Entertainment Cast Members aren’t in the parks EVERY night, but if there’s a new show or parade that needs to be rehearsed, the only time that works is when there are no guests around! That means that these Cast Members will clock in after park closing to practice in their performance space! The same thing goes for technical Cast Members who are working on new projection shows, audio in the parks, etc.

Mickey and Friends Cavalcade

Guest Relations

In many instances, a Guest Relations Cast Member’s day is NOT done when the parks close! They will often stay up to two and a half hours after the parks’ official close time to ensure that any straggling guests, either from dining reservations or last minute shoppers, were taken care of and had all of their questions addressed!

Guest Relations Cast Member at Disney Springs

Holiday Services

Last but not least, there’s Holiday Services! These Cast Members aren’t working overnight all the time, but when they are, they have a VERY important task at hand! They are responsible for setting up all of the holiday decorations LITERALLY overnight, whether it’s for Halloween or for Christmas! They’re also responsible for taking the decorations down, again quite literally in one night. If you’re ever in the parks during the time when the decorations appear, pay close attention to how much the parks change in just one day!

Mickey Pumpkin Wreath

Would you spend the evening inside a Disney park to watch these incredible Cast Members work their magic overnight? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Replies to “Seven Cast Members Who Don’t Clock Out When the Disney Parks Close”

  1. I have a secret dream to be a part of the Hloiday services team. I love decorating for both Halloween and especially Christmas!

    1. We were staying in the Disneyland hotel one night? I was closing the curtains when a rental truck pulled up and they started unloading decorations. I went to the lobby and watched until 2am when I knew I had to get a little sleep. The lady decorating said the hire people for about a month before to work on set up. Some day!

  2. OMG. To be able to stay in the parks after closing would be a magical experience. Think “Keys to the Kingdom tour” only better. A huge plus would be to have the opportunity to say a big Thank You to all the cast members who work behind the scenes to make WDW so amazing!

  3. OMG who wouldn’t want to spend a night in MK. after parks closed. I knew Tinker Bell didn’t sprinkle Pixie Dust over each park to clean them 😉 so crews of hard working cast members do their magic. What a treat it would be to watch this happen!! These cast members deserve to be recognised since they are part of the cast that do so much behind the scenes we don’t see. Best to all the cast members going forward!🎃🇺🇸