5 Things That Surprised Us From the Reopening of Disney World’s Disney Springs

After visiting Disney Springs on its reopening day, we gained insight into what the new health and safety procedures at Disney World could potentially look like.

Disney Springs has reopened!

While a lot of the protocol and changes were expected, some things actually surprised us!

Propped Open Trash Cans

One of the health measures we did not expect to see were the flaps in the trash cans being propped open. This completely makes sense when you think about it. Trash cans are high touch points, and with the flaps propped up, guests do not need to worry about touching them.

Disney Springs Trash Can

Functioning Water Fountains

Meanwhile, a high-touch area that we were surprised to see functioning were the water fountains. Throughout the day, we noticed that those we continuing to work, despite reports saying that Disney would be turning those off. Hydration is always key and access to clean water is perhaps a requirement for businesses.

Water Fountains

We did, however, notice plenty of hand sanitizer and hand washing stations to help guests feel safe and healthy.

Hand-Washing Station

Barely Any Face Masks Being Sold

Another thing that surprised us was the lack of face masks being sold throughout Disney Springs. While we did spot them being sold at Vera Bradley for $8 per mask, we were expecting a much more widespread presence. With Disney-owned and operated retailers like World Of Disney set to reopen on May 27th, perhaps we may start to see more face masks being sold at those shops.

Face masks being sold at Vera Bradley

Balloons For Sale

While we were surprised at what WASN’T being sold, we were also surprised by something that WAS being sold — balloons! These are the only official piece of Disney merchandise being sold at Disney Springs today.

Balloons for sale!

Crowds Were Quieter Than Anticipated

Something we noticed right away when we arrived at Disney Springs was just how quiet it was! While we anticipated more guests arriving throughout the day, the crowd level at Disney Springs remained surprisingly low throughout our visit. There’s no denying the hype around the first major Disney World destination reopening. However, the fact that there could currently be fewer visitors from outside states may be what led to the low crowds, along with the fact that the complex opened midweek.

Shopping at Disney Springs

What has surprised you the most from Disney Springs’ reopening day? Let us know in the comments!

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9 Replies to “5 Things That Surprised Us From the Reopening of Disney World’s Disney Springs”

  1. I’m required to wear a mask my entire shift while at work. I won’t wear one while on vacation, in the Florida heat. I will cancel our July trip if this is mandatory. I can see this being optional for those who choose to wear one, but don’t think they should be required.

  2. 100% agree with the others, I’m not at all surprised the crowds were low, and fully expect them to remain low until the ridiculous face mask requirement is lifted. They are unhealthy, as others mentioned, and uncomfortable at best, but in the Florida heat and humidity, will be absolutely unbearable. As an out of state passholder who had plans to be there first week of June, I had planned to go as soon as they re-open, but I absolutely will not return if I have to wear a mask. Period.

  3. The crowds will continue to be low because of the face covering requirement. Maybe that’s Disney’s plan. I wear a mask all day in the hospital I work at and let me tell you it is miserable and I’m in air conditioning. No on will tolerate a face covering in the FL heat. Just make it optional. Some people will continue to wear one and some won’t. If you don’t like to be around those that don’t wear one then stay out of their space. I mean the CDC has already changed the info that now the virus doesn’t live/pass to others via surfaces.

  4. I’m not really surprised at all that no one was there. There is no real reason to be on Disney property at all right now, with so little open. What surprises me the most is that the Vera Bradley masks are only 8 bucks! lol

    1. Agreed. Many Disney guests have been pretty vocal that they won’t go while it’s a requirement. And I’m one of them. I also wear a mask at work all day and despise it. I sure don’t want to spend my vacation in one!

  5. I think the mandatory mask rule will keep a lot of people away. Prolonged use of a mask is unhealthy because your oxygen is cut down. I am a nurse and see this in my profession. The heat doesn’t help either.