We Now Know When Epcot’s Spaceship Earth Will Be Closing in Disney World!

The Epcot transformation is officially in full swing in Disney World!

Spaceship Earth

And while we’ve had new restaurant openings, and plenty of construction, now we have news of when to expect one of the biggest changes to the park — the reimagining of the park’s iconic Spaceship Earth!

According to Disney, the previously announced transformation of Spaceship Earth will be beginning May 26th at the park! This means that the ride in its current form will be closing starting that day, with working being done inside the geosphere for a period of time. Disney also shared new information on the ride, giving a sneak peek at the new version of the ride’s iconic Egypt scene, which will bring new elements of light to enhance the experience.

Concept Art for Reimagined Spaceship Earth ©Disney

At the 2019 D23 Expo, we learned that this new iteration of the ride would focus on the “story of humanity, following our long journey from prehistoric humans to today brought to life with magic and depth that only Disney can deliver.” The plan is to blend brand new scenes with some of the iconic ones we know and love from the current Spaceship Earth.

Are you excited for the new iteration of Spaceship Earth? Will you be riding the current version one last time? Let us know in the comments!

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8 Replies to “We Now Know When Epcot’s Spaceship Earth Will Be Closing in Disney World!”

  1. I’m okay with an upgrade but please keep it educational and historical like the original ride. No cartoon characters!

  2. I agree with Geoff, Spaceship Earth is also my favorite ride at EPCOT. I too like to ride it over and over and I am hoping I can do so one last time before renovation begins. I am planning on being at Disney World during the last week of April 2020, only if the corona virus does not close the parks. I too miss Walter Cronkite. I also hope they do not do a half-hearthed job re-imagineering. Please do something really special.

  3. Call me crazy, but this is my favorite ride at EPCOT- I could ride it over and over. As luck would have it, our trip is scheduled for early June, so I guess I’ve ridden this version for the last time. Makes me sad… I can smell Rome burning now….

  4. I remember a sense of awe with Walter Cronkite and “Tomorrow’s Child.” I recall being equally impressed with Jeremy Irons. Next the base activities got boarded over. Then Dame Judy Dench narrated a much-watered down ride. And that darn giant wand. Ugh. Lately I just look up and walk past.
    Please, WDW, if you’re not going to improve it top to bottom then just roll it away and stop reminding us of your glory days.