Walt Disney World’s Monorail Green Got a Makeover — Check It Out!

The Walt Disney World Monorail system is beloved by guests. But after decades of carrying guests to their next destination, the Monorails are in need of some TLC.

Monorail Transportation
Monorail in Epcot 

And thankfully, Disney seems to agree. Earlier this year, we noticed some upgrades on Monorail Silver. And now, The Highway in the Sky is upgrading another member of its fleet: Monorail Green!

Monorail Green!

Monorail Green is looking more beautiful than ever on the inside and on the outside thanks to a recent makeover.

New green details inside Monorail Green

Not only did the vehicle get a fresh coat of paint on its signature green stripe, but we also scoped out comfy new upholstered seats and a funky new color scheme inside the car: it’s bright green, of course!

Monorail Green Interior

We’re excited to see how progress is made on updating the other members of the Monorail fleet, and of course we’ll keep bringing you inside for all the details!

Will you be taking a spin on the upgraded Monorail Green? Let us know in the comments below!


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