Additional Dates Announced for Disney After Hours Events

Disney After Hours is a hard-ticketed event that takes place at Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom.

Blue Castle Evening
Cinderella Castle at dusk at the Magic Kingdom

This three-hour opportunity gives you the ability to hop on rides and to meet your favorite characters with short or no lines.

These events have been going on for a while, and today Disney announced even MORE dates for the summer! The new dates are:

While hanging out at one of these After Hours events, make sure you take advantage of the yummy complimentary treats. These include ice cream, popcorn, and select beverages. And since the parks will be so empty, use this time to hop on attractions that usually have long wait times, like Flight of Passage or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Hello from Mickey during After Hours

Disney After Hour event tickets cost $125 plus tax if purchased in advance or $129 plus tax if purchased day of. Disney Annual Passholders and Vacation Club members are eligible for a discount and can attend this event for $95 plus tax!

And if you’re interested in After Hours events make sure you check our the new Villains After Hours event. A lot of the same great features of a regular After Hours evening with added bonus of a special new Villains stage show!

Villains After Hours Concept Art ©Disney

Have you ever attended a Disney After Hours event? Let us know what you thought below or leave a review in our Rate and Review section here!

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13 Replies to “Additional Dates Announced for Disney After Hours Events”

    1. I don’t think so. Not unless you plan on visiting that park during the day as well. Typically with a hard ticket event you just need your event ticket and you show up when it starts.

  1. This was a great opportunity for our travel day when Toy Story Land just opened. We checked in, had dinner and were in the park at 7:00. Slinky Dog Dash had a 30 minutes wait but we walked on everything else. We will do it again if it falls on our travel day and we get the DVC discount since cost slightly less than a one day ticket.

  2. This is going to become a thing where you book your trip and ONLY go to the extra hours events and spend the rest of your day at Universal or around Orlando. It’s pretty much the only way to enjoy the parks these days. At least you don’t need a full 8 hour day to get a few things done. I know I would do it. Sleep in, lounge by the pool all day, get ready for the parks at night.

    1. Dana, This wouldn’t be a bad idea (except you’re paying extra out the wazoo for it) but Disney will do what they always do. They will slowly start selling more and more tickets and the crowds will eventually be as large as during regular hours. So, time to take advantage of this is now.

      1. You’re absolutely right about them letting more and more people in. $125 is only a handful of dollars more than a regular park ticket. I already use the Christmas party as my MK day when I go down. I find I don’t need to use one of my regular days for that park because I tend to get everything that I really want to do, done during party hours. I have no interest in the stage shows and dance parties. I’m a ride rider. I would never go during the warm months, but if they ever had these offers during the winter that is how I would plan my trip. Especially now that I’m older and don’t feel the need to go from rope drop to fireworks anymore.

  3. By the time they are done adding extra hours, they might as well just make them regular operating hours and increase the price of a regular ticket.

    1. It’s like my prayers were answered!! Now we just need some Early Morning Magic and I’m all set for my next trip. I wonder what happened to the lady on here who said I couldn’t pay to avoid the lines and would have to wait like everyone else?! Not anymore!! 🙂

        1. If it works to be mutually beneficial to both parties, then it’s a win/win for both the corporation AND the end-users…which is what Capitalism is all about, my snarky friend.

          1. Were pet rocks mutually beneficial to both parties? I’m guessing there was a lot of buyers remorse long after the inventor and marketing genius, Gary Dahl, made his millions.

            There’s a sucker born every minute.” – P.T. Barnum
            “A fool and his money are soon parted.” – Thomas Tuss

        2. Ken…money I have, time I do not. I value my time at a much higher rate then Disney is charging so it’s a no brainer.