Summer of Heroes: Time to Hero Up at the Disneyland Resort


Guests will experience more fun than ever at Disney California Adventure Park this summer, with an opportunity to “Hero Up” during the epic Summer of Heroes. Beginning May 27, 2017, special entertainment and limited-time experiences will thrill guests of all ages as some favorite Super Hero stories come to life in Hollywood Land. Also opening May 27 is the new attraction Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT!

Learn Some Terms from the Super Hero Universe

Super Hero fans may recognize these terms from films, comic books and animated TV series, while those new to the stories will have fun learning terms of the Super Hero Universe that come to life during Summer of Heroes.

  • Terra — The planet known as Earth
  • Terrans — Citizens of Earth, also known as humans
  • Vitrine — The glass display case that houses each of the Guardians of the Galaxy in The Collector’s Fortress
  • Gantry lift — The vehicle guests board in the new attraction, Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT!, as they help Rocket bust his fellow Guardians out of captivity.
  • Knowhere — The realm at the edge of the universe, located inside the floating head of an unidentified Celestial. The Collector has made it a mining colony.
  • Celestial language — The language used in Knowhere, with its own Celestial alphabet
  • Avengers — The most prestigious and mightiest Super Hero team on Earth; an ever- shifting assemblage of super beings, adventurers and crime fighters devoted to protecting the planet from menaces beyond the scope of conventional authorities.

Encounter Epic Super Hero Fun

  • “Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off!”
    • Star-Lord fires up his old-school boom box to get a party started in “Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off!”
    • Guests will show off their moves at this awesome rock ‘n’ roll bash and “dance off” on Fun team names include “Team Pop,” “Team Lock,” “Team Rock” and “Team Roll.”
    • Star-Lord, also known as Peter Quill, is the irreverent, hilarious leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy and host of this experience. He’s obsessed with classic pop music from the ‘60s and ‘70s–which plays an important part in the Dance Off.
    • Gamora, the daughter of Thanos, joins Star-Lord to engage audiences in the fun.
    • Groot, of the species Flora Colossus, arrives at end of the Dance Off to greet excited fans. Guests will only ever hear him utter three words: “I am Groot!”
    • “Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off!” features classic hits from the ‘70s inspired by the cinematic world of Guardians of the Galaxy. Guests will move and groove to songs such as:
      “ABC” by The Jackson 5 — 1970
      “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone — 1973
      “Fox on the Run” by Sweet — 1975
      “Shake Your Groove Thin” by Peaches & Herb — 1978
      “All Over the World” by Electric Light Orchestra — 1980
  • Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT!
    • inspired by the Super Hero universe and six ride profiles, each paired with a pop song inspired by the “Guardians of the Galaxy” films’ soundtracks.
    • An 8-foot-tall, gilded statue of The Collector, Taneleer Tivan, greets guests at the entrance to this thrilling new He is depicted holding an Orloni (a small rodent-like creature, native to Morag).
    • The Collector’s imposing Fortress looms over the skyline at Disney California Adventure at 183 Terran (Earth) feet high.
    • Tivan’s Oasis, also known as the “Gardens of the Galaxy,” features nearly 60 plant species with shrubs, trees and potted plants decorating the attraction queue.
  • Heroic Encounters with Spider-Man and Captain America in Hollywood Land
    • The friendly neighborhood web-slinger Spider-Man swoops in from New York City. As guests meet with Spider-Man, they will notice the area features nods to the Daily Bugle, the newspaper where Peter Parker is a photographer.
    • Captain America, considered the First Avenger, flexes his strength for guests, wielding a special shield made of the precious metal vibranium, found in the African nation of Wakanda.
    • Guests will encounter Captain America outside a New York Police Station, decked out in red, white and blue bunting.

Limited-Time Summer of Heroes Entertainment

  • Avengers Training Initiative
    • Throughout the day, young guests will participate in this daring adventure on the Hollywood Backlot, to see if they have what it takes to become “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. ”.
    • Young Avengers learn defensive and attack maneuvers to defeat the villain Arnim Zola, who is known by Captain America fans to be from the evil HYDRA organization.
    • Black Widow, also known as Agent Natasha Romanoff, is the commander of the training, demonstrating defensive combat techniques
    • World-class archer and marksman Hawkeye, also known as Agent Clint Barton, assists Black Widow in the training. He is considered the most proficient archer ever known.
    • Tony Stark, the man behind the famed Iron Man suit, surprises young recruits with a video appearance from the Stark Expo at Hong Kong Disneyland — more than 7,000 miles away!
    • Special Agent Cabe, director of Avengers training, joins Tech Specialist Agent Crosby and a team of field agents to assist Black Widow and Hawkeye.
    • Recruits receive a special Avengers Training Initiative security clearance band upon completing the training program.
  • Heroic Encounter with Black Widow
    • When not training new recruits, the heroine Black Widow canvasses the Hollywood Back Lot, interacting with guests and civilians in a black armored vehicle, known as the Avengers Armored Transport.
    • The Avengers Armored Transport vehicle uses the special radio call sign Patrol One.

Heroic Food and Beverage

  • Dishes and drinks in lively colors of green, purple, red, blue and orange reflect the bold personalities of some favorite Super Heroes.
  • Guests will find Super Hero-inspired eats at six different locations in the Hollywood Land area, including Schmoozies, Award Wieners and Market Place.
  • Guests may try a variety of new dishes and fun, themed beverages, each with a Summer of Heroes theme.
  • Inspired by baby Groot, the new dessert Angry Little Pudding Cup features chocolate pudding with crumbled chocolate sandwich cookie, whipped cream and funnel cake fries.
  • Guests who enjoy the Mickey-shaped sourdough bread available in Disney California Adventure will want to check out the fun, new Groot-shaped sourdough and jalapeno breads.
  • The Most Dangerous Tacos in the Galaxy, a must-try, are inspired by the fiery personality of Gamora, featuring barbacoa, green onion slaw and habanero salsa.

Summer of Heroes Merchandise:

  • On their shopping adventures, guests may choose from four new product lines, each with a unique theme to celebrate Super Heroes at Disney California Adventure.
  • Ten popular toys and games inspired by the ‘70s and ‘80s are sure to be a hit with the young at heart, including mini arcade games and light-up toys.
  • Guests may take home their own Groot, Cosmo, Rocket and Howard the Duck plush, packaged in a vitrine case and available from The Collector’s personal collection. Disgruntled employees who work for The Collector have decided everything must go.
  • Retro-inspired apparel takes cues from 1970s style fonts, colors and designs.
  • Pin traders looking to add to their collections may choose from eight new Super Hero-inspired trading pins.
  • Guests will pay homage to some of their favorite characters with Super Hero shirts, available in five designs resembling the armor and costumes of classic Super Hero characters.

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