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Today’s quiz is for you fans of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. If you watch either of these shows you know that one of their categories is called “Before & After.” Here the answer or puzzle has two phrases and/or titles that contain a common middle word that connects the two together. For example, if I were to give you the clue: North Epcot meets South Epcot, the answer would be Future World Showcase. “World” would be the common word that joins the two titles.

In today’s quiz, I will give you clues for both the beginning and ending subject. The answers can be anything from an attraction, restaurant, shop, character name, or movie title. I will be using locations at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but not any of the foreign parks. In addition, I may drop the leading “The” from a title. For example, “The Shaggy Dog” would become simply “Shaggy Dog.” You must come up with the two correct answers and combine them successfully to create a “Before & After.”

As with all of my quizzes, this is just for fun. No winners will be announced or prizes awarded. The answers will appear in tomorrow’s column.

Good luck.

1. African resort and a soulful restaurant.

2. The Sherman Brothers’ most famous song sung on a Walt Disney World roadway.

3. The first American ship to circumnavigate the globe from a Liberty Square eatery.

4. Christmas extravaganza with red and black Opels.

5. An extraterrestrial feline lands at Spaceport 75.

6. Ice Gator’s home at a DVC

7. What if Jane’s boyfriend moved from his current home in Adventureland to a home in Tomorrowland’s past?

8. An Epcot annual event meets Walt Disney World’s most popular show.

9. Your favorite AllEars blog meets a boney fellow.

10. Princess Aurora dines at a World Showcase restaurant.

11. Shipwrecked survivors move from the current home to a timeshare at Walt Disney World.

12. A flying galleon travels to the lunar surface.

13. Annette, Cubby, Karen, Roy, and the gang join a private restaurant at Disneyland.

14. 1959 Disneyland attraction discovers Flotsam and Jetsam at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

15. An a cappella singing group performs on a Rivers of America vessel.

16. Liberty Square shop will swap you two of their heads for one of yours.

17. The home of J. Thaddeus meets the leaders of the free world.

18. Ben and Mark are miniaturized to the size of a water molecule.

19. A DVC has a broken elevator.

20. Experiment 626’s flees and meets aliens Tony and Tia.

21. One who slumbers, one who is beautiful, and one who is plagued by a curse.

22. Simians return to their dwelling on the prairie.

23. Golden State flyover of the Contemporary’s 15th floor.

24. Charley’s golden eggs are found by Huey, Dewey, and Louie in 100 television episodes.

25. An Irishman battles with leprechauns while riding in Tomorrowland.

26. An ape-man travels the great rivers of the world.

27. A forgetful instructor meets an accomplished mallard.

28. Mark Twain inspired area at the North Pole.

29. A specific elevated train travels where not even light can escape.

30. Market Place child’s shop meets 3D arcade game.

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One Reply to “Before & After Quiz – Questions”

  1. Hey Jack
    Another interesting quiz. Some were simple enough to think of and others were very difficult. Can’t wait to see how well I did. Can’t wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.