Scenes from a Coronado Springs Hammock

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

On a bright and sunny Florida day, I spent some time walking the grounds at Coronado Springs. Although I had previously stayed at this particular Walt Disney World resort, I didn’t have free time to go exploring. So, I made time, eventually, years later.

While wandering around I found myself thrilled at the sight of an unoccupied hammock. Could it be that I finally have an opportunity to relax on a hammock under blue skies? Yes!

When my inner clock told me to get up, I grabbed my camera and started taking photos of my surroundings and of course, myself.

I take relaxing very seriously.

I love you, palm tree.

That’s not the building I stayed in.

Marshy, marshy, marshy.

Another hammock!!! I’m coming, hammock. Don’t move!!!

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