A Leave of Absence

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Dear Readers,

First off, I am NOT leaving AllEars. However, I have decided to take an extended leave of absence. I’ve been writing articles for AllEars for seven years now and I need a little time off to recharge my batteries.

As many of you know, I’m currently in the process of having a new home built. I hope to move in sometime in September. It will take me several months to get settled. Then before you know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here. So it is my hope to return as a weekly AllEars columnist in early January.


As many of you know, I try to personally reply to all of the comments I receive. I figure if you’re nice enough to respond to my work, the least I can do is say “thank you.” I have also tried to answer the many questions you have regarding Disney.

I have asked Deb Wills to remove my email address from the “comment notification process” of our code. This means that I will not be alerted when I receive new comments. Although comments will be received and posted to my blogs, I will not be responding to them as I have in the past.

If you have Disney-related questions, I urge you to search for answers on AllEars. Our pages contain a vast amount of information and often have exactly what you’re looking for. Check out our “Search” engine found at the top right of each webpage.

I wish you all a wonderful summer and a fantastic holiday season. I’ll chat with you again in January.

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61 Replies to “A Leave of Absence”

  1. Jack –

    My Mondays won’t be the same anymore..your blogs will be greatlty missed. Enjoy this time off and I cannot wait for you to come back.

    Have a great summer, fall and winter and all the holidays that are included in those seasons. We’ll be seeing ya real soon!


  2. I wish you the best. Even though you will not get this message in your personal email box…I hope you see all these comments being left and smile. You do a lot to keep the magic alive for all of us…especially for those of us who cannot get out to visit in person as much as we would like. It brings me joy to read your blogs. It transports me to my favorite place without leaving my house!! Thanks for everything…good luck with the new house…and I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say we will be ‘impatiently’ waiting for your return 🙂 We absolutely adore you and your work!!

  3. Love your blogs. I was hoping for a blog on the TTA but, it’ll have to wait I guess. 😉 Enjoy the rest and your new home!

  4. Aww, I’m going to miss your posts. This is really sad news. I love to read your blogs. The history and insight you give to the parks is incredible. I hope you get settled into your new home with a little headache as possible. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year’s! See Ya Real Soon!

  5. Will miss you but enjoy your time off– and your much needed rest! Please know how much we all appreciate your columns! Pixie dust to you!

  6. Jack,

    I hope all goes well with the building of your new home. I will miss your blogs but mostly the reply emails that you would send back to us, your fans.

    I hope you continue your blog in January with renewed vigor and that you have a wonderful summer, and Holidays.

    We will all miss our good friend! :})

  7. Dear Jack

    I hope the house build is as stress free as possible and enjoy settling in to your new home.

    Thank you for all of your blogs that have captivated me, made me smile and given me new knowledge about my favourite place.

    I’ll look forward to you coming back in January.

    Heather 🙂

  8. Jack,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I enjoy reading them and getting my “Disney Fix” in between my visits. Enjoy your time off!!

  9. Thanks so much Jack for all the pixie dust that you bring to us every week. I’m going to really miss reading your “blog” every week. Since we cannot be at Disney as much as we would like it is always super special to live through you and all the other writers here on allears about our favorite vacation spot. We will look forward to seeing you back here next year. Take care, Ron

  10. Hi Jack,

    The first time I commented in your blog, you responded to me. Imagine my surprise on hearing from you. That takes a lot of dedication and time, no wonder you need a break! Good luck with your new home and happy holidays. Is it January yet? Miss you already.

    Linda Ranatza

  11. From a selfish stand point, I am very upset about this. I will probably stamp my foot and pout and generally be a spoiled brat about things. But then I will grow up and realize the importance of taking a break and recharging one’s batteries. Seriously though, thank you for your wonderful blogs. They are very informative and not having them on Monday mornings will put a dent in my routine. But I look forward to reading new ones in January. Thanks again for all your hard work and sharing your love of Disney.


  12. Hi Jack –

    Monday nights are not going to be the same for me anymore – no “New Jack” for a while. I fully appreciate the need to take time off – plus you’ve got plenty to do with building and moving. I will sorely miss your columns and videos (if you’re taking time off from creating them too). Please make sure the Debs keep your previous columns available – like WDW itself, I pick something up every time I re-read one of your old columns. As someone mentioned earlier, it would be great if the Debs ran your prior columns during your sabbatical – since I haven’t read all of your old posts many would be new to me and all your readers, old and new,who discover your amazing work and wish to read, watch and be quizzed.

    So, have a wonderful build and move, a Great Summer, Autumn and Turkey Day and have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in your New Home! I’ll be anxiously waiting for 2014 now.

    – Jeff

  13. I can certainly understand the need for a break and am thrilled for you and your new home! Your column has been the highlight of my Mondays for some time now though and no Disney blog has kept my interest as yours. Hoping January comes quick for me and slow for you!

  14. Jack,
    Here it is Monday evening and I finally get a chance to sit down with my computer for some down time. The first place I look is your blog. I, of course, from a selfish point-of-view am sad that I won’t be able to read your blog every week. (I will certainly continue to read AllEars every week as it is all very good.) I definitely understand your need to focus on your new home. I wish you all the best with that. I will certainly start looking for your writing, pictures, and videos here in January again!

  15. Thank you so much Jack for all the hard work and effort you put in to bringing a little Disney magic to those of us who need a little bit of it to brighten our weeks…you definitely do that! And for me, especially being so far away from my favorite place, I feel a little closer when I read your wonderful articles! Enjoy your break, you deserve it and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year 🙂

  16. Hey Jack,
    I agree with everyone else who wrote above. As you see you will be greatly missed but we all realize the time you put into your blogs. They help us all feel like we are there when we can’t be and that is truly something special to us all and it is all thanks to you and your WONDERFUL postings.
    Enjoy your time off- sit back and smell the roses as you have often said and take time to reboot.
    Good luck with your new digs and may the force be with you.
    Bonnie L

  17. Enjoy your time away but I seriously hope that you return. You are the best source of Disney info and the only reason I visit allears.net!

  18. I so look forward to your wonderful articles…
    Can’t wait for the New Year!

    Wish you all good things with the house and the move and…

    And thank you for not “disappearing” permanently!

  19. 🙁 Jack, thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and amazing articles for the last years. Although you will be missed terribly, enjoy your much needed and deserved break! We will be eagerly awaiting your return!
    Thank you for all you have done for us Disney fanatics!!

  20. Hi Jack,

    Enjoy a much deserved break! I have really looked forward to and have enjoyed your blogs each week. You certainly do fill in the space between Disney vacations and make us feel that we are still a part of the magic.
    All the best in your new home! We will miss you and eagerly anticipate your return. Have a great summer and enjoy the holidays!

  21. Jack, best of everything to you as you rest, recharge and take care of the building of your new abode!

    I’ll be checking the blog archives for favorite posts and posts I may have missed.

    The quality of your writing, filming and photography is fantastic…I’ve learned so much about Disney from your writing.

    Thanks for all you’ve done!

  22. Will miss the weekly Disney reviews–gives me my weekly dose of Disney through your eyes. Enjoy your time off & I’m sure by the time you return, you will be settled, recharged & have a lot more new Disney to review.

  23. I will always look down look up look around and slow down to smell the roses, now it time for to slow down and smell your own roses in your new yard, till we meet again, and see real soon in the new year

  24. Enjoy your time off and good luck with all. I will miss your blogs, but this gives me a chance to reread some old ones!!!! Can’t wait to hear from you in January! You are one of my favorite disney bloggers!!!

  25. January! I’ll very much miss your amazing articles about the history of different elements of the park and the little trivia games! We’ll all have something to look forward after the holidays! Good luck in your new house and we’ll See Ya Real Soon! Besides, it’s nice to just walk calmly around the parks and notice what you like!

  26. so that big THUNDER CLAP i heard last nite was your way of saying
    happy trails to you
    until we read again
    happy trailS to you jack
    all the best buddy , dusty

  27. I would like to join all the others who have posted and the thousands who share the same sentiments to express my thanks for all the time,energy and effort you have invested to bring a bit of Disney joy to our daily lives.you are appreciated and will be missed while on your well deserved hiatus

  28. Thanks so much for all your blogs and advice. Will miss seeing your take on Disney. Hope all goes well with your home and look forward to reading your blogs again in January!!! As Mickey would say “See your real soon”!

  29. Hi Jack,

    I know that Disney is your passion, but I can’t imagine just how many hours per week you spend composing your weekly blog entries. I can certainly appreciate your need for an extended vacation during this time of transition.

    I don’t always remember to say, “Thank you” for all that you do, so I will take time to do that now.

    I really appreciate all that you do for AllEars in your blog. You are like the “Bonus Features” in a DVD set, and those are always my favorite things. Thank you so much for all of your time, knowledge and the very entertaining way that you put all of this together in blog entries that entertain as well as inform. I’m sure that Walt would be very proud.

    Looking forward to your return in the new year.


  30. Congrats on the new home getting built. Enjoy your time off from Allears. I LOVE your articles and will have to read older ones. See ya real soon!!!!

  31. Thanks for all the wonderful blogs you’ve done Jack. They are always a pleasure to read; so well researched and clearly presented. It’s no wonder you need some time to re-charge!

    Best of luck with the upcoming move.

    I look forward to seing you back on the AllEars team real soon!


  32. Jack,

    This is sad news for all of us but hopefully a welcome rest for you. Please don’t forget about all of your eager readers come January.

    All the best,


  33. Hi Jack,

    I know the feeling! I don’t get the time to comment as much as I’d like to. But I always read your blog every week- in fact, I eagerly anticipate it! So for me, this is a bit of sad news, but I understand the importance of recharging and how beneficial it can be. It’s good to know that All Ears is still part of your plans, at least I can look forward to your blogs in the new year.

    PS: I’ll still keep an eye out for you in the parks (I’m just back from WDW) and I’ve always enjoyed the thought of seeing you by chance (I might just wave though because I’m shy).

    All the best with the new home Jack!

  34. hey Jack
    You will be missed this summer as well as during the holidays. You have always done wonderful things with your blogs and are an inspiration to me. enjoy your time off as well as the holidays. can’t wait to have you back in January and as always, keep up the great work.

  35. Thank you for always being such a great source of Disney info, Jack. I was never so surprised as I was to receive a reply from you regarding comments I left on your blog. That is a rarity in the blog world. Best of luck with your house. You deserve the break. Looking forward to reading your new stuff next year.

  36. Oh, Jack. I know all about recharging batteries, but this still makes me so sad. Even if you don’t get to read this, at least it will be out there for all to see–you will be sorely missed! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your column, and I will eagerly await your return!

  37. I have thoroughly enjoyed you postings over the years and will miss you commentary. I wish you luck with the new house and be assured, I will be awaiting your return, hopefully in January!

  38. Jack thanks for everything!! You have become a required Monday morning read!! All of my family participates in the quizzes and pour over the triva/history. You help increase our enjoyment of WDW. Enjoy your break!! We will be anxiously awaiting your return!

  39. Enjoy your vacation ! You deserve it and Thank you for 7 + yrs of articles…I’ll just have to reread them all every week !
    “See You Real Soon!….”

  40. Jack, you will be missed more than you can imagine! Good luck! Recharge and we will “talk” to you soon!
    ps. ( this IS a threat) LOL ! YOU BETTER COME BACK!!! LOL!!!! 🙂

  41. Thank you, Jack, for sharing your passion with us! Best wishes for smooth sailing with the house and all the fun that goes with such a project! “See” you next year!

  42. I wish you the best during your time off.
    You deserve a break 😀 Good luck with new home.
    Will be looking forward to your info when you return. Thanks for all you did!

  43. We’ll miss your columns but everyone needs a break now and then and you have a lot on your plate. Can’t wait to see you again next January. In the meantime, enjoy WDW without thinking about the next article. Pretend you are a tourist, lol.

  44. Dear Jack,

    Thanks so much for your blogs in the past few years – it has been a pleasure to read them and stay in touch with WDW in the time between our visits. I wish you all the best for the move & hope you’ll get settled in quickly!

    Looking forward to reading your bits again next year!

    So, have a great summer (even with the move), enjoy Thanksgiving, have a merry Christmas & a happy new year! Don’T forget tocome back then 🙂

  45. Dear Jack,
    It has always been a pleasure to read your blog. It is one of the RSS feeds on My Yahoo homepage, so I always see them.

    How about having someone else on the staff rerun some of your historical blogs occasionally? They are always entertaining, informative and do not go out of date.

    Best of luck with the build. Sorry to say that it always costs more than you think it will. (At least in my experience) But it will be built for you.