Quick Guide to Camera Icons Q-Z

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

It’s the third and final round of this series. If you need a refresher or missed the two previous entries, fear not, for they can be found here (A-F) and here (G-P).

icon-stitchassist.jpg Stitch Assist – Create one long panormic image by lining up and shooting an average of 3 photos in a row.

icon_sunset.gif Sunset – You got it, a tripod or flat surface is needed so the camera can absorb those gorgeous colors with a long exposure and the proper f-stop.

icon-timer.jpg Timer – Put the camera down, focus on the group, hit the shutter and run! Get in the photo.

icon-movie.jpg Video aka Movie Mode – Record short clips for fun. These are internet quality videos and are not intended to preserve momentous occasions.

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One Reply to “Quick Guide to Camera Icons Q-Z”

  1. Thanks for the great info, I am always interested in taking better pictures. Question, do you see any advantage in an HD camera? Would it provide better still pictures? Thanks!

    Lisa responds: I have not looked into High Definiton cameras. My personal opinion is that images with unatural color are not intended for everyday family photos but for artistic purposes only.