Quick Guide to Camera Icons A-F

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Point and shoot cameras have many. SLRs (film or digital) have some. They are the cute little graphic drawings, icons, that each represent a different setting. If you’ve been stuck in auto mode, using these easy-to-choose-from functions is the next step. Come, I’ll show you.

icon_action.gif Action – You hold still while your subject runs, speeds, pitches, jumps, fumbles, hangs ten, etc… Run Forest, run. You move while the subject holds still. It doesn’t always work that well but it’s fun to try when someone else is driving and you’re taking photos out the window.

icon_backlit.gif Backlit – Use when the sun or other form of lighting is behind your subject otherwise they/he/she/it could become a silhouette. The dim light cast two silhouettes on the shade…

icon_beach_snow.gif Beach or Snow – Sand and snow are reflective and can fool your camera into thinking the scenery is brighter than it actually is. With this setting, the camera will make the proper adjustments. Should you find snow on the beach, it’ll still work.

icon_closeup.gif Close up aka Macro – Flowers, bugs, jewelry, coins, and other small intricate items call for this setting. Move in as close as the camera will allow and remain focused to grab detail.

icon_dusk_dawn.gif Dusk or Dawn – Set up the tripod or find a flat surface. There’s minimal light and a long exposure is necessary.

icon_fireworks.gif Fireworks – Keep the tripod set up. Fireworks also need a long exposure unless you like yours shaken and stirred. Be gentle when depressing the shutter button.

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