Time for a Nap

We’re all accustomed to seeing children at Walt Disney World asleep in a stroller or in their parent’s arms. That’s to be expected. Most youngsters just don’t have the stamina it takes for marathon touring. This sight always brings a smile to my face.

But what really makes me grin are adults who crash long before they make it back to their hotel room. They have underestimated the energy it takes to tour park after park, day after day.

Some people make no qualms about their exhaustion and spread out into a reclining position in order to maximize their catnap. It doesn’t matter that the surface they are lying on may be rock hard.

Sleeping at Disney World

Sleeping at Disney World

Sleeping at Disney World

Sleeping at Disney World

Sleeping at Disney World

Others never really intend to nap, but once they sit down, they lose the battle with the sandman and their eyelids become heavy and eventually their body’s slump over.

Sleeping at Disney World

Sleeping at Disney World

Sleeping at Disney World

Sleeping at Disney World

Sleeping at Disney World

Sleeping at Disney World

Sleeping at Disney World

To my knowledge, I’ve never slept in a public area like the people in the above pictures. But I know for a fact that I have slept in more than one dark theater at Disney. Carousel of Progress and the American Adventure are two of my favorite napping places. Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE both of these attractions. But there is something about a dark, air-conditioned room and a cushioned chair that allows me to temporarily lose the battle with fatigue.

So here is my advice to you. If you’re staying at a Disney hotel, or relatively close to Disney property, think about returning to your room midday for a nap, some down time, and maybe a dip in the pool. This will allow you (and your children) to return to the parks in the evening refreshed and ready to enjoy all that is offered. Because when you think about it, Mickey’s PhilharMagic loses a lot of its allure when you sleep through it or the guy sitting next to you snores.

So let’s be honest, tell me what places you’ve slept at Walt Disney World besides your hotel room?

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80 Replies to “Time for a Nap”

  1. After your “goof” blog this week I realized I had never read this blog on sleeping at Disney. Thoroughly enjoyed the blog and all the comments. Had to add my own. I echo all the attractions previously mentioned to take a quick snooze. In addition, my husband (who can sleep anywhere) once fell asleep on one of the short brick walls at Downtown Disney Marketplace. I left and went into the shop and no one bothered my sleeping giant.

  2. HA! Jack, you have touched a raw nerve ( in a good way ) for our family and “napping” at Disney. I am always so embarrassed because my step father would find any spot ( including the grass ) and fall asleep for a awhile. We will be there in September and I will be sure to send you his napping pictures!

  3. Jack,

    I’m just catching up on some of your blogs and have to say my whole family identifies with this one! We have all dozed off during American Adventure and C of P, my husband napped on one of the couches in the Grand Floridian lobby (like some of the pix above), I nodded off in one of the booths in the café area at Disney Quest; and my father conked out next to the now-gone dozing Lego-Man-On-A-Bench at Downtown Disney. And of course, the buses and boats and monorails have all seen us doze a time or two. But my favorite will always be from our first family trip in 2003: After a busy and exciting week, we were having dinner on our last night at Planet Hollywood, one of the busiest and loudest places we have ever eaten. Our then 7-yr-old son was eagerly waiting for his food (he was *starving*) when we realized he had fallen silent, a most unusual occurrence. He had nodded off, and slept so thoroughly that we couldn’t wake him when the food came! He woke up about halfway through the meal, but in the meantime we got a couple of great photos that we love looking at to re-live the memories.

  4. Oh dear. I think I’m the only one here who’s fallen asleep on Star Tours at Disneyland. I was so tired after so many days of driving around visiting relatives and a long day. It was one of the last things we were revisiting (we always hit it at least twice). I nestled into the seat, smiled as the projector started and the next thing I remember is a cast member laughing as they gently helped my husband shake me awake. I’m a really deep sleeper. They asked me if I needed a droid to carry me away to a bed. :3

    Then I proceeded to halfway fall asleep on Indiana Jones’ ride at DL right after that, and in line, twice, while standing straight up. I caught a few zzz’s in Pirates of the Caribbean the ninth time around one day, too.

    I briefly dozed off in the Tiki Room, but it was only for an instant. When I take my husband to DW I’m sure I’ll end up passing out in a few more places. So much sun just exhausts me.

  5. The last time I was at WDW with my family (my senior year of high school), we took my younger cousins, one of whom loved the “People Mover” in Tomorrowland. On one of our rides, I fell asleep. Finally a cast member woke me up at the loading dock, where I saw my whole family standing there and laughing. Apparently when they all went to get off the ride and saw I was asleep, they left me in the car, and I slept for two more rounds of the ride while they waited to see how long it would take me to wake up (apparently after two times they got tired of waiting)!

  6. A few years ago, I had gone on Mission Space and gotten a horrible headache. We then went on Ellen’s Energy Adventure. I wish I hadn’t been too embarrassed to just stretch out on the bench. It would have been more comfortable than the sitting up nap I had.
    Other good ones are Impressions of France and Spaceship Earth, especially during the evening extra magic hours. I tried to stay awake on that one, but it didn’t work.
    The most common place for me to nap, as others have said, is on the bus on the way back to the hotel.

  7. Hahaha…I have to admite that I have that more than one nap during a visit…one because I needed and the others because I was to tired!!
    The one that I recognize was on New Year’s Eve in the garden next to France in Epcot. I was tired and flu sick so I take a pill…Sandman won over Mickey.
    And the others is like you say…when you enter to a theater and all the conditions are great for a quick nap….zzzzzzzzzzz

  8. I, too, love a dark, cool place to nap. My daughter, age 27, and I, both, took a nap at the show Nemo in Animal Kingdom. It’s not that we didn’t enjoy the show because it is a wonderful show. We were hot, tired, and cranky when we entered. Before too long, both of us were napping. We missed the middle of the show, but were definitely refreshed afterwards and ready to hit the pavement again.

  9. Great blog! I made the mistake of working all day then driving an hour to portland OR to catch a red eye to orlando. We got to POP around 8am. Our room was it ready until 2. I was so tired I want to DTD to see a movie just to sleep! My son made it until the bus stop back to POP. I learned not to take the red eye!!

  10. I tend not to fall asleep in too many odd places at Disney, though I have definitely slept through Ellen’s Energy Adventure…42 minutes in the dark…I am gone! I think when I was younger I fell asleep in Hall of Presidents, American Adventure, and the Monorail. But then again…I was a little kid.

  11. Years ago I worked 12 hour nights. I often slept during shows. My oddest place was in line for the Tower of Terror. The line had stopped and I leaned against the rock wall and dozed. My sons woke me when the line started moving again.

  12. Hi Jack,
    While I always enjoy your blogs, this one struck a note with me. I was there about three weeks ago and after five days of non stop going from before park opening and past park closing, I fell asleep in the worst of places: sitting on the ground in Frontierland waiting for the Boo To You parade. Not leaning on anything or propped up at all AND in my Halloween costume. Here’s proof:


    Thanks for doing such a fun blog!

  13. Well Jack. I hate to admit this seeing that I’m only 36 but on my last trip to WDW I did fall asleep on the Carousel of Progress. It was only a very quick power nap. Maybe 3-5 minutes. Still made me realize I’m not 20 years old anymore.

  14. I never have fallen asleep in a public place but my husband can. He often falls asleep on the WDW buses back to the resorts.

  15. This one probably ranks as the least likely place to be able to take a nap: My 10 year old son and I left for DW at 3am so we could get there right when it opened – we only had 2 days there so we thought we would maximize our time. Unfortunately I only got 4 hours of sleep before we left, so after 6 hours of driving, 5 hours of rides and lines in the hot sun, and 2 hours of loud interactive arcade speakers blasting at DisneyQuest, I was thoroughly exhausted! My son wanted to play a StarWars video game that took about 15 minutes to complete, so I told him to play it several times. I sat down in the dark on the crunchy carpet up against the video game with hundreds of loud arcade game sounds blaring and took what was probably the most wonderful snooze I’v ever had!

  16. On our last trip my 1 year old fell asleep in nemo at animal kingdom, a few minutes later I had apparently nodded off and woke up to him almost falling out of my lap, poor guy. My favorite place to nap is spaceship earth, it’s impossible to stay awake, they turn you around backwards and recline you for the trip down:)

  17. I was 6 months pregnant during my last visit to WDW (summer of 2009), and while I don’t remember falling asleep during any of the rides or shows, I did ride the train at MK for a full hour to sit and rest. I found that because I went so slow and took my time with each pregnancy-appropriate attraction, I actually had more energy than all the other times I’ve visited WDW!

  18. Ellen’s energy adventure is the best for taking a needed nap. I also nap through American adventure and Impressions of France. The carousel of progress is another good spot. I wish they would put in individual seats and A/C at the beauty and the beast show so you could snooze there too.

  19. When my husband and I go to WDW, I end up falling asleep for at least a minute or two in each “slow” ride. I love them all, but have fallen asleep in Carousel of Progress, the WEDway (as we still refer it), Small World (when the boats get backed up), Pirates of the Caribbean (again the boats!), Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Hall of Presidents (before the remodel, haven’t fallen asleep since Morgan Freeman took on the narration), Country Bear Jamboree, Spaceship Earth (generally only at the end), Haunted Mansion (when the ride got stuck–a theme), Finding Nemo (when I was really, really tired). But the only ride we ride for the purpose of snoozing is the train. It’s wonderful for that. I could use an afternoon nap, but my husband is such a go,go,go kind of guy that he hates going back to the room. So, if we can take a 15-minute trip around the park on the train, I’m usually good to go for the rest of the evening. Thanks for a great article!!

  20. Let’s see…..I have napped on the bus, the Monorail, Country Bear Jamboree, American Adventure, The Enchanted Tiki Room(was a slow day, I had a huge headache and there was a free bench in the back), the walled in area with tables and chairs in Harambe Village, and I am sure I have dozed in the Hall of Presidents and Spaceship Earth. I did take note of a nice spot outside of the Animation Academy right near the display of the Oscar statues. There are long benches that an exhausted father crashed on the last time I was there. I didn’t nap but I was close!
    All in all it appears I have slept around the World!!(don’t tell my Mom!)

  21. I have fallen asleep on the bus taking us back to our hotel many times. \On this particular occasion I was sitting in an aisle seat, with my daughter asleep on my lap. Not quite a crime, BUT I was deeply embarrassed to find I was rest my head on a guy’s hip who was standing! I stammered an apology, while my husband was giggling like a kid at my faux pas. My husband and son swore my face was glowing in the dark when I blushed. I haven’t slept on a Disney bus since…

  22. The Universe of Energy. My best friend and I call it the nap ride. We love the ride but something about the dark area with the radio announcements right after the dinosaur ride through makes me nod out every time, despite the fact that the radio show (moving us through time) is blaring.

    I have also nodded/slept while standing in lines/leaning against posts, on the Peoplemover, on Small World.. actually probably on every slow moving attraction without a drop, as I have been going to WDW since before I was one.

    A favourite defunct attraction for napping: Horizons. The sides, like those in other omnimover vehicles are excellent for leaning into when you nod off. Also the lorange (for those who never rode on Horizon’s that is not a misspelling- it is the fruit of the future!) smell would wake me up every time.

  23. Hi Jack,

    This isn’t a comment for the blog, but I thought you might know the answer to this or at least where I might find the answer. As a kid in the 70s growing up in FL and regular WDW visitors, my mom once purchased for me a souvenir book. It was paperback, maybe 10″ square, the book was shaped like the letter D. the center opening in the D revealed a shot of Cinderella’s castle.
    I’ve tried some Googling, but can’t find this item anywhere. Do you know what it was actually called and where I might actually find it?

    Thanks for all the great writing!

    Scott C.

    Jack’s Answer:

    As luck would have it, I happen to own this souvenir book. Here is the complete title: The Story of Walt Disney World – Commemorative Edition – A behind the scenes visit to the Vacation Kingdom

    Good luck on your search.

  24. Hello Jack,Other than the American Adventure or the Hall of PresidentsI’d be hard pressed to say I’ve seen the whole show at one time.Your right, AC, dark room and Florida heat takes it’s toll real fast!Take care, thanks again.

  25. Great Blog! You cannot beat a nap on Spaceship Earth! At the end of a long day running around EPCOT – I am usually asleep by the time they invent paper.

  26. Ellen’s Energy Adventure gets me every time. I do wish folks would not stretch out in the lobby, it takes up seating for those of us who are awake. 🙂

  27. Jack, very funny blog, made me laugh, thanks. My husband can take a short nap about anywhere. I think his favorite though is on the magical express bus on the way home. He heads to the very back because there are 3 seats in a row!

  28. During the last trip, I dozed off on the water taxi from Downtown Disney back to P. O. Riverside after a late (and filling) dinner at Boma. However, on the previous day I thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip going the other direction to catch the 6:00 p.m. performance of La Nouba.

  29. Just another great blog Jack! You never fail to make me laugh and feel a little bit happier. I have never slept at WDW, but I have hovered around single, elderly sleepers until they either woke up or other family members arrived, just to be sure they are fine. I worry too much about people’s health, heat exhaustion, dehydration, heat stroke, etc. when I am touring the big parks. I am always on the lookout for a medical crisis.

  30. Hi Jack,

    What a great blog!!
    On our last trip in 2008 I fell asleep in Carrousel of Progress and the American Adventure. Today I managed to fall asleep on Spaceship Earth and Impressions de France. It’s so nice to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day. My dad reffered to me as ”part Lion” on the Kilimanjaro Safari’s this morning as they sleep for most of the day and so do I.

  31. Jack, your column is awesome! I always look forward to seeing what you’re going to blog about next!

    Anyway, this topic tickled me. My husband always goes back to the room for a mid-afternoon nap, and I usually hit the gift shops. When he eventually sees my new treasures, he’ll ask when I bought them. And I always say, “While You Were Sleeping”!

  32. I can’t say this has ever happened to me. (judging by the amount of replies here, it sounds like it’s pretty common.) But by the time I hit the room, I can barely make it to the bed before passing out. This trip we are traveling with friends who have a 5 and 3 year old. We have already been told that naps are a requirement. So this trip I think we will take your advice Jack, and head back mid day for a re-fresher.

  33. One year my daughter, 4 at the time, fell asleep while sitting on my dad’s shoulders. We were trying to see the parade at Hollywood Studios and were so far back she couldn’t see. One minute she was watching the parade and the next minute she was asleep with her head laying on top of his head. It is one of our cutest Disney pics to date!

  34. Exposition Hall, where the cartoons are being played. Also Universe of Energy, it’s dark, AC and it’s a nice long ride. This past August, we decided to go back to the room and chill out for awhile. That is the way I think we will go for now on…

  35. My husband can sleep anywhere. His favorite place is Great Movie Ride! It is very embarrasing when we are in the front seat and the driver can see him!! I am completely opposite! I am lucky I can sleep in a bed!

  36. I have only seen the American Adventure all the way through once. Every other time I have been in there, I have fallen asleep. I wake up to my husband crying because he is so very patriotic. And he gets upset that I fall asleep in an attraction that he considers to be so moving. I love this attraction, but it is the perfect place to fall asleep when you are tired.

  37. I have to laugh. I’ve been going to Disney since 1990 with my 3 kids who are all in their mid 20’s now & they will laugh & tell you I have the “Disney walk” I tend to power walk in the parks so I can see & do everything. Then I go home at the end of the day & crash. My husband slept through the Hall of Presidents once, then came out & said it was great 🙂 Now that we’re DVC owners I make it a point to take a break & nap for about an hour so I can take advantage of the Extended hours. I too have seen folks sleeping in the parks, heck, I keep hoping they’ll come up with an adult motorized stoller. LOL

  38. Hi Jack!

    I don’t recall ever actually falling asleep while in an attraction – such as, Carousel of Progress; American adventure; Country Bear Jamboree, etc. – but I have been known to “dose-off” every once & a while at various locations around “The World.”

    But my favorite place in the whole “World” to get some serious shut-eye is inside Exposition Hall. We grab a seat in the “theater” and try to watch one full loop of the cartoons and then “rest the eyes” for another loop or so. I usually walk out of there refreshed and ready to soak up the second half of the day.

    Thanks again for the great blog…excellent work!

  39. I was seven years old the first time we went to WDW. I remember we sat on Main St. waiting for a parade, this was already several days into the trip and I was running on empty. So I took my mom’s backpack, which really only had our camcorder in it, and laid down. Yes, I somehow managed to fall asleep on a concrete sidewalk, using a camcorder as a pillow.

  40. This is why you have to prepare to visit WDW! Thanks these photos did make me giggle, and breath a sigh of relief that none of them were of me or my family members! Thanks Jack!

  41. My husband and myself have fallen asleep on all of the usual rides. However, my husband added a new one I had never considered. We were in MK and just got a huge Dole Whip each. We sat in a little area right off from the stand which is kind of hidden and has tons of seats. No one was there when we sat down and ate our favorite snack. Afterwards, I took a few minutes to adjust (and add) more bandages to my feet and noticed people pouring in the area. I did notice my husband sleeping but didn’t wake him. Eventually he woke up and said, “Where did all of these people come from? How long have we been here?” lol. It was only about 15 minutes but it was enough to reenergize him for the rest of the day.

  42. As always, a great blog, Jack. Started my day off with a laugh. For me, Spaceship Earth is always good for a little snooze. It’s even better when my time machine gets stopped for a while! The only problem is, my sleeping picture is projected down on the big map at the exit! It used to be that they would replace an undesirable snapshot with a cartoon face…and no one knew I was conked out!

  43. In 2008 me, DH, DS and DD went to Disney World for Christmas. On our third day there I was suffering from a cold and had a horrible headache. I took some cold medicine but not wanting my children to miss anything, this being their first trip, I kept on. Because we believe it is a DW tradition we decided to ride It’s a Small World. I remember seeing the first minute and then I was out like a light for the rest of the ride. My daughter poked me when it was over and told me to wake up. We are headed back this Christmas and I hope that I avoid any illness while on the trip. I don’t believe there were any other naps taken except for our children on the bus ride back to Wilderness Lodge.

  44. Hi Jack – I’ve fallen asleep on the buses, in the Hall of Presidents, and the American Adventure. My favorite nap spot though is Impressions de France. Dark theater, cushy seats, AC, soft classical French music….until they get to Bastille Day! Kaboom! It wakes you up in a hurry. One time while waiting to enter, the hostess was going over the rules, and she said “no eating, drinking, smoking, flash photography, or snoring.” Everyone in the lobby had a good laugh at that.

  45. A few years back, we had lunch at Le Cellier on a 95 to 100 degree day. As usual there, we overate. Once we got back into the sun we thought we were going to just expire. We went over to Universe of Energy, each taking a half a row to ourselves and slept through the entire thing, even the dinosaurs. We were refreshed but a little embarrassed (my husband snores).

  46. I refer to Ellen’s energy adventure as Ellen’s power nap. 45 mins of AC in the summer or heat in the winter. Nice slow moving ride with huge bench seats and almost never crowed. Perfect place to take a mid day nap.

  47. Oh dear. I too napped during a recent visit whilst trying to watch the film in France in Epcot. Oops!

    However, my DB takes the biscuit – we have been into the Enchanted Tiki Room on four separate occasions during our 3 visits to The World together, and on each occasion we only went in there because HE wanted to watch the show. Grrr – EACH and EVERY time we sat down in there he fell asleep within seconds of the show starting!! So he STILL hasn’t seen it, whereas I am sick to the back teeth of the darned thing!!

  48. Jack,
    This was a great subject. I laughed through it. My husband can fall asleep anywhere. Universe of Energy and the PeopleMover (TTA) are two of the places he has napped. We have fallen asleep on the way to our resort on the Magical Express after a late flight. Also once we all fell asleep on the bus from Downtown Disney to our resort at night and the bus driver had to wake us up!

  49. Great blog Jack! Brought a smile to my face. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen asleep in the parks but I’ve seen others. The funniest one was just a couple of months ago. We were in the queue for Soarin’ and this lady was standing with her head leaned back against the wall and her eyes closed. I didn’t think anything of it, I assumed she was resting her eyes. Then the queue started to move and she stayed put. But the funniest thing was her husband didn’t even notice her asleep and kept moving along with the queue. He left her there!!! As me and my husband passed her, I asked my husband if I should wake her. He told me to leave her and said her husband would notice eventually. Well, he didn’t and she finally woke up and had no idea where she was. Then she walked up to her husband, hit him in the arm, and told him off for leaving her asleep against the wall. My husband and I had to turn our heads so they wouldn’t see us laughing!

  50. As a child I loved to sleep in the American Adventure (I’m pretty sure that show used to be longer!) and the France movie. As an adult, the Carousel of Progress is great for a snooze!

  51. At Epcot earlier this month, I feeling very tired but I didn’t want to take the time to take two monorail trips back to BLT and two more back to Epcot. A power nap on Ellen’s Energy Adventure left me ready to go for the rest of the day!

  52. The best place I’ve found to sleep is ‘Sounds Dangerous’ at Hollywood Studios (is it still open?). We’ve gone in there, not put on the headphones and taken a quick nap – it’s dark and quiet!

  53. the pics were great . l reckon i have @ one time or other parked my weary behind in those seats/ benches/ stuffed chairs.

  54. I fell asleep on Ellen’s Energy Adventure the one and only time I rode it. The dark, air-conditioned room mixed with the gentle movement of the ride vehicle is a great recipe for a nap! If only the benches were more comfortable.. Hmmm..

  55. I’ve never fallen asleep in any of the Disney Parks. On the bus ride at night on the way back to the room is a totally different story. If I’m lucky enough to get a seat being in complete darkness the motion of the bus puts me to sleep every time.

  56. On a recent trip I slept through the movie in the France pavilion. Like others I have slept through Universe of Energy, American Adventure and others. As far as I know no one has ever taken my photo while sleeping but I too, have taken photos of people sleeping on benches etc. Glad to know I am not the only one who does this!

  57. Spaceship Earth and Sounds Dangerous!

    Jack’s Comment: I certainly understand sleeping through “Sound Dangerous.” That’s the best way to enjoy that attraction.

  58. On New Year’s Eve at Epcot, people were napping all over any stretch of green grass they could find! In fact, my daughters now refer to one section of lawn near the Rose Garden as “nap hill”.

  59. Jack,

    What a funny subject you picked for this blog.

    My wife says that I will fall asleep almost anywhere. I can’t tell you how many movies I have paid for but haven’t seen, at least in their entirety.

    That being said, I probably have napped in almost every show or slow moving ride at WDW. Somehow though, I have always managed to wake up in time to gather my belongings.

    However, my best nap story is about a friend of mine years ago. He and his wife came to Florida from Germany around Christmas. We spent a day at Epcot. In the early evening, with jet lag taking its toll, he found a somewhat comfortable couch in the upper part of The Land, over the area which is now the entrance to Soaring. He ask us, (his wife and I), to go on without him and come back in a couple of hours. When we did, we found him sound asleep just where we left him. Those seats are no longer there. Too bad. They were out of the way and the area was relatively quiet.

  60. BEST. POST. EVER! That made my day! I have never fallen asleep at a Disney attraction (or in a Disney park) before. My husband has fallen asleep many a time on Ellen’s Energy Adventure. I just can’t bring myself to do it!

  61. I’ve fallen asleep in the American Adventure, Spaceship Earth, and Living with the Land (up until the greenhouses) all in the same day! This was mainly because our 1 year old was up for much of the night previous. Otherwise I can usually make it through the parks most days, but the MK train is pretty relaxing for me and I like to just close my eyes and rest awhile.

  62. I have had many pleasant rests at Ellen’s Energy Adventure. Even when I’m not that tired, the KNRG scene often gets me.

  63. we always nap during the small world. it is our daughter’s favorite and we go on it several times. On our last trip, it was under refurbishment, and our first thought was, where will we nap?? LOL. I also sleep during the movie clips at the end of the great movie ride.

  64. My sister and I fell asleep on the bus between the Magic Kingdom and our hotel one time! Our flight got in really early and we went straight to the parks ratehr than take a nap! Oops~ 😀

  65. I have “napped” through Carousel of Progress (the song does it to me), American Adventure and Hall of Presidents. I think I’ve also fallen asleep on The Great Movie Ride and the Backlot Tour (on the tram ride). My mom actually fell asleep on the Kiliminjaro Safari last trip.

  66. I have to admit, I have fallen asleep in some of those cool, air conditioned theaters before. A few trips ago I fell asleep during the movie at the end of One Man’s Dream (which I’m mad I missed and still haven’t seen!) and my most recent trip I fell asleep on the Great Movie Ride! My boyfriend fell asleep with his head on my shoulder like a little kid a few years ago in Nemo the Musical. The Carousel of Progress and American Adventure haven’t gotten to me quite yet, haha!

  67. I have to admit to getting a couple minutes during Finding Nemo at AK. The dark, AC and the fact it is usually 90+ degrees. It is the perfect storm. Kids are the best though. My son fell asleep in the Haunted Mansion. I can see why they do it. You feel so much better even if it is for just a few minutes.


  68. I love to catch a few winks in the Haunted Mansion as I am serenaded by 999 ghosts. The doom buggy is not the most comfortable seat in Disney for nap time but the cool air, dark rooms, and gentle movements of the ride put me at ease.

  69. hehe, I have napped in the American Adventure and Hall of Presidents. Like you, I love these shows but sometimes it just can’t be helped.
    Will it make a difference if I say that I do feel bad about these missteps?

  70. I tend to fall asleep on the bus ride back to the resort, especially at night when the lights are turned off. There is something about motion that seems to lull me to sleep.

  71. hey Jack
    I admit like you I have indeed slept through Carousel of Progress as well as the Presidents show. they are indeed great areas to shut your eyes for a bit. can’t wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.

  72. This did make me laugh out loud as it is a running joke in our house that my husband can sleep anywhere, but his favourite is It’s a Small World. We have many photos of him snoozing his way round this one. It is my daughter’s favourite ride, so he gets a cat nap 3 or 4 times every Magic Kingdom trip.

    Keep up the good work Jack.

  73. Our whole family dozed off during our first time seeing American Adventure. On our last trip, both my 11 year old daughter & I slept the entire time on Ellen’s Energy ride in Epcot. I even fell asleep during the Nemo show at Animal Kingdom! I just hope I didn’t snore & disturb the people around me! 🙂

  74. Jack – Quite a few years ago, I did a couple summers as a solo tourist. One of my regular activities was heading up to the Catwalk Bar in MGM (above what is now Playhouse Disney Live). I would get a drink, chat with whoever was up there (usually just the bartender!) and then ask if they would mind if I rested in one of the comfy chairs for a bit. Usually about a half an hour later, I would wake up refreshed and ready to go! It was such a nice respite, a couple times I would go there from another park just to get some R & R!!

  75. I love American Adventure and Hall of Presidents but I have been to Disney numberous times and each time we go to these two attractions I see something I missed during previous visits, probable due to the fact I was napping. Before the show starts I always tell my friend to make sure if I start to snore she wakes me up.