Fort Wilderness — Swimming Pool Rehab and More

The Ft. Wilderness swimming pool has been down for rehab for several months and just reopened last week. This prompted me to take a drive to the campground and check things out. I wanted to snap a few pictures for the Ft. Wilderness Fact Sheet on the website.

I am not a camper. My idea of a vacation is a luxury hotel room with maid and room service. So you might find it odd that I would rank Ft. Wilderness as a “must experience” part of Disney World. But there are many very good reasons for my feelings which I will try to describe below.

This area is a surprise to most first-time visitors. They have no idea that such a peaceful spot exists on property. The designers of the campground did their very best to disturb as few trees as possible when creating Ft. Wilderness. Groves of pine and cypress surround the campsites and roadways. Combine this with numerous canals and grassy knolls and you have the perfect spot to pitch a tent or park your RV.

The campground does not allow personal vehicles to traverse the area other than arriving and departing. All transportation within this area is either by Disney bus, electric golf-carts, or foot. This keeps everything very quite.

I arrived at the Ft. Wilderness main entrance located off of Vista Blvd., parked my car, and caught a bus to the Meadows, which is located smack-dab in the middle of the campground. This is where you’ll find about half of the activities offered here – including the swimming pool.



To my eye, it didn’t look like much had changed in this area other than to refresh everything in order to keep it up to Disney standards. However, one nice upgrade has been added – a slide.



At first glance, I didn’t think it was as elaborate as some of the slides Disney has been adding to other resort pools. But upon further thought, I realized that it fits in perfectly with the rustic surroundings. And here’s a nice bit of trivia for you. The large barrel that the slide snakes around is from River Country. The Imagineers wanted to save a little of Disney’s original water park and incorporated it into this new structure.

After writing this blog, one of my readers, Jim, was kind enough to let me know that a hot tub was added in addition to the slide.

Also on hand is the Meadow Snack Bar where sandwiches, salads, and pizzas are offered.


Still under construction is a children’s play area adjacent to the pool. When completed, this spot will have water-spouts, nozzles, and moving objects to delight the little ones.


Please note, this pool is ONLY available to guests of Ft. Wilderness.

After I completed my mission of taking pool pictures, I decided to stroll around the campground and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. Then it struck me. I should blog some of the many activities that are available to anyone vacationing in the area. With this in mind, I headed for the Bike Barn which is just a short distance from the pool.


As you might guess, this is the place to rent bicycles. These are definitely low-tech models, perfect for flat terrain. Bike paths crisscross the campground and this is the wonderful way to enjoy a cool summer morning or lazy afternoon. Prices are $9 per hour or $18 for the day.


The two gentlemen below are riding their bikes to their favorite fishing spot. Bass, catfish, and panfish are all waiting to grab hold of your hook. Note, all fishing at Walt Disney World is strictly “catch & release.” Cane poles can be rented for $4 for 30-minutes and $9.50 per day. Casting rods rent for $6 for 30-minutes and $12.50 per day. Worms are $5 per package and nightcrawers are $6.



Canoes and kayaks are also for rent at the Bike Barn for $6.50 per half-hour and $11 for 60-minutes.



Paddling along these canals is a most peaceful way to wile away an hour. One of the Ft. Wilderness canals makes a circle in and about the campsites and unspoiled woods. It takes about 30-45 minutes to complete the journey and along the way you’ll see a varied assortment of wildlife. You might also recognize one of the bridges that the old Ft. Wilderness Railroad once traversed.



A short distance from the Bike Barn you’ll find Wilderness Back Trail Adventure. This is an off-road Segway tour that takes you all the way to the Wilderness Lodge and back. The event lasts two hours including training. The price is $85 but a 15% discount is available to DVC members, Annual Passholders, AAA members, and Disney Visa Card holders.


Also located in the Meadows is the Chip ‘N Dale Campfire Sing-A-Long. Each evening (weather permitting) you can join these crazy characters in song and a marshmallow roast.




Located nearby is a chuck wagon that sells snacks, soft drinks, and adult libations. When the festivities settle down, it’s time to enjoy a Disney movie under the stars. Please note, there is no charge for the Chip ‘N Dale Campfire Sing-A-Long (except for marshmallows), but it is intended for Walt Disney World guests ONLY.



In the mood for a trail ride? Well that’s available here too. Call 407-WDW-PLAY for advance reservations and 407-824-2832 for same day reservations. Tickets can be picked up at the Ft. Wilderness Kennel Club located near the entrance of the campground. Then proceed next door to the Trail Blaze Corral where you’ll saddle up for a leisurely ride through the forest and meadows.



Don’t worry about mounting and dismounting. Disney has built a platform that allows guests easy access to their steed.


Note, this is a guided trail ride. No galloping or cantering. You follow a Disney cast member for an unhurried 45-minute walk through the wilderness.


The price is $46. Children must be 9 years old and 48″ in height. There is also a weight limit of 250 pounds. In addition, no cameras are allowed (or any other carry-on) as guest need to concentrate on their riding and not be distracted by photo ops.

At the north end of Ft. Wilderness is the Settlement. This is where you’ll find the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review, Crockets Tavern, and the Trails End Buffet. Also in this area is the Tri-Circle-D Ranch. This is the location where all of the horses seen on Main Street are housed each evening. A large barn is open to all and you can see for yourself how well these magnificent creatures are cared for.



Each horse has its own stall, complete with name tag and some interesting “horse” facts.



Also found in this area is the Tri-Circle-D Farm. Here you can discover Cinderella’s ponies, used to pull her glass coach for special events and weddings.



Pony rides are also available in this area. Children must weigh less than 80 pounds, be under 48″ and led by an adult around the small course. The cost is $5 paid in cash or applied to a Disney room charge.


Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, located in the Pavilion, offers a nightly hoe-down. Ribs, chicken, corn-on-the-cob, and baked beans are served in a down-home style.



Throw in some Disney characters, a live country band, and line dancing, complete with lessons, and you have a hoop-hollerin’ good time. Dates for this show change by season and advanced reservations are required. Call 407-WDW-DINE. Children: $26.99 Adults: $44.99

Ft. Wilderness offers more than what I’ve described here. Of course, there’s the ever popular Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review. And don’t forget boat rentals at the beach , Trail Blazin’ Bingo in the woods, and archery events on the green. And I’ll be trying an evening carriage ride in the near future (watch for my blog).

But I wanted to save my favorite Ft. Wilderness activity for last — rocking peacefully on the porch of Crockett’s Tavern. Nothing can beat the pleasure of sitting here with a good friend or loved one and talk about everything or absolutely nothing.


So next time you’re vacationing at WDW, set aside some time to visit Ft. Wilderness Campground. Even if you don’t take part in any of the activities I’ve described, you’ll be happy you spent some time exploring this wonderful spot.

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  1. Last guys comments kinda made me teary…I’m literally in the backseat on my way with the hubby & kids & I am now totally psyched! I didn’t know there was so much to do in this one place. Thanks to your blog I’m now able to have a better idea of what we’ll be doing when we get there…it can be tough sometime since my children range in ages from 19 to 20 months. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  2. Stumbled across this string and it brought back a flood of memories. My family first camped at FW in 1973 and I would have been 7 at the time… I remember the train and the trams, swiming at River Country (loved the heated pool with the high slides. Pioneer hall in the evenings for make your own pizza and pitchers of sasparilla (not root beer). We went every year at Christmas time for years and there were other families who did the same. I had friends that I saw once a year every year for a decade. I am no 45 and oh how I miss the simpler more laid back FW experience. I now take my kids and we are DVC members, but I still take them to FW for the Hoop De Doo review and show them all the places dad hung out many years ago. I remember swimming at the beach back in the day… and watching the Epcot ball go up from the monorail… there was only the Polynesian and Contemporary in addition to FW back them… I remember taking the blue and green buses to the Polynesian so I could swim at the “cool” pool. Disney is my happy place

  3. We have made about 16 trips to Disney World love it everytime. This April we are on our way from Maine. The first trip was in the camp grounds in 1972 we loved the little train that went threw the campgrounds. Also the fresh fruit and vegatable wagon that came around.
    Every time we come we use the campgrounds.

  4. Great blog. We would like to do the horse riding. Can guests staying at other Disney resorts do the horse riding and would we have to book in advance?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Any Walt Disney World guest can use the facilities at Ft. Wilderness. I’ve done this many times. Although you might be able to ride without reservations, I would strongly suggest you make them — just to be safe.

  5. We are going in two weeks to Fort Wilderness campground. We just bought a pop up camper and are so excited. Disney does everything top notch. Can’t wait!!!

  6. Thank you so much for the great into on Fort Wilderness. I was disappointed with the lack of info on the disney website and I was lucky to come across your blog!

    We will be heading to the cabins in about 2 weeks; it’s our first time to Disney! We choose this resort because of the privacy of the cabins and the nature element this resort has to offer. We figured that after a long day with lots of people and busyness, it would be great to go back to a quiet secluded place to rest!

    Do you have any updates, pointers or insider info you’d like to share? Is it better to take the boat into Disney or wait for the buses? And do you REALLY need a golf cart to get around? I’ve heard a YES on that question.

    Thank you again!

  7. Thanks so much for the “blog” from 2009. It provided much more information than the Disney website! We were at Ft.Wilderness this week and had a wonderful time.
    The “Hoop-de-do” was outstanding, the pools were great, the buses were immaculate, the comfort stations were cleaner than any I have visited….The total experience was terrific.
    The boat parade at the marina and the following fireworks were spectacular.
    We had a great vacation with granddaughters 8 and 13 years old and never left the premises!

  8. This was very helpful information- Thanks! As for those who say staying at the campground isn’t a vacation…I say try it. We stay in the cabins every year. The accommodations are near identical to a hotel (IMO). They have the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in, and a full kitchen where they will load and wash your dishes in the dishwasher. We do camp often, but choose the cabins because it gives of the feel of camping with the luxuries of a hotel!!

  9. Thanks for this post, we’ve cycled to Fort Wilderness, from Wilderness Lodge a few times and it looks awesome.

    Next time we go to Disney we plan to take an RV trip round Florida and stay at Fort Wilderness.

  10. Thanks a million! We added a night of camping (1st time ever for our kids) to our trip.
    It was nice to show the pools to my kids in anticipation, and I think they would LOVE to see the stables! If the pony rides are $5, we just saved me about $90 on trying to find a WDW activity for our 1st or last day.
    You are a great writer/photographer.

  11. Not to be outdone by my wife, she commented earlier. There is no better vacation spot on planet earth for the whole family. We take the kids and grandkids once every three years. Two of the little fellows in our group think that the vacation does not start until we check into Fort Wilderness and check out the golf carts. Little Keith wants to be the first during the week to see an Armadillo and little Phil wants to be the first to see a Peacock. Most kids want to see Mickey or Minnie (and they do too). If you haven’t been to the Disney Fort Wilderness you need to make your plans and go. You can start your own family tradittions. Ronnie Jones

  12. Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures of the campground! It’s great to hear of the updates, since our family is planning our 12th visit in May of 2010. Our kids grew up staying at Fort Wilderness, and now they and our five grandkids won’t stay anywhere else! We require two of the cabins, and two of the golf carts, so it gets a little pricey. But the memories are well worth every penny! And our late night “armadillo hunt” is a fun time with Papa. We can’t wait!

  13. We are going in July and can’t wait! Any idea when the kiddee area by the pool will be done, hopefully by then!

    Jack’s Answer:

    Funny you should ask. I just got back from Fort Wilderness about an hour ago. I went to take more pictures of the kiddy pool. It still isn’t complete — but almost — any day now. I’ll be posting a blog and pictures in the next day or so. Keep an eye out.

  14. My family loves Wilderness Campground. Our two boys, ages 10 and 7 have been asking if we could stay there again this summer. We live in south Florida and try to make it to Disney for an extra long weekend every summer. We’ve stayed at the Lodge, the Swan, the Campground, the Coronado, and the Caribbean, and the Campground by far is our favorite! I was just online checking on the pool status, because I remember reading that the campground pool was down for refurbishments. This was the only website reporting the pool is now open and posting photos! Thank you so much! That helped us make our decision to book our reservation! The boys will be excited to hear that there is a new slide!!!

  15. River country didn’t close down because of chlorine, it closed because there are parasites in the lake and when people swam they had the risk of getting it.

    Jack’s Comment:

    Although dangerous parasites do close Florida lakes from time to time, waterskiing is available on Bay Lake, exposing people to the water. I believe the real reason River Country closed had noting to do with chlorine or parasites, it was an economic decision.

    When Typhoon Lagoon opened, it was far superior to River Country and attendance dropped considerably. And when Blizzard Beach opened, this original water park just couldn’t compete anymore. In addition, River Country needed a number of major repairs and it simply wasn’t worth the money to keep this park open any longer.

    I miss River Country. It was a simple and relaxing place. I have many pleasant memories of my time spent here.

  16. This was very helpful! We will be staying here in July and were wondering about the pools completion. The kids will love the waterslide! Thanks so much for the pictures!!!!

  17. Wow, thanks for all the info and pictures!!! Our family of 5 have a cabin reserved for July and the kids are so looking forward to this and the new pool.

  18. We stayed in the Fort Wilderness Cabins end of March, and had the Dining Plan on our tickets, just like other resort guests. Loved it!! A few issues we had included poor GPS directions that took us only to the Lodge (campground and cabins weren’t on our GPS so ended up selecting directions to “the parking lot”), and the fact that no one told us there is no bus to the Magic Kingdom…must go up to the Settlement to catch the ferry. We waited half an hour before we realized! And be prepared for a LONG wait to get through to Disney Dining operators for ADR’s.

  19. Great information; but to add some more, yes the meal plan is available to Fort Wildnerness campers, regardless if you stay in a cabin or at the campground. We will be staying at the campground in our RV in mid November 2009 and have the dining plan.

  20. Some people seem to think Ft. Wilderness is a lower end resort, but most of the time the campsite rates are higher than the room rates at the value resorts. You say the cabins are $$$. I say check out the investment campers have made in their equipment, from tents to RV’s. Then factor in that we (happily) take care of all of the pesky overhead expenses such as housekeeping and room service and maintenance. Campers are not second class Disney guests!! It is fabulous way to experience Disney. Everyone should give it a try!

    Jack’s Comment:

    Every time I visit Ft. Wilderness, all I ever see is happy people — not whiny and complaining guests. There is obviously something magical about camping that brings out the best in people. (I realize I’m going a little overboard here.) But this truly is the impression I get every time I visit this section of Walt Disney World.

    Campers have the opportunity to make new friends with the folks camping next to them. But how often have you made friends with the people staying in the next hotel room? For that matter, how often do you even see the people in the next room?

    I’ve never had an inkling to buy a camper or an RV. It’s just not my style. And I’m not the type to camp in a tent. But I have to admit, there’s a part of me that wishes my personality encompassed these traits. Because as wonderful as Ft. Wilderness is, the best I’ll be is an outsider looking in at an exclusive club.

    Lower end resort? I think not.

  21. Hey Jack!
    Love the new pictures of my home away from home favorite place in the whole world! Love the slide and before I read the aricle I looked at the pictures and said to my sister that looks like the barrel from River Country. Thats awesome. I like many folks, my 1st visit was in the early 70’s (my mother was a HUGE Disney fan)and we went nearly every summer to Fort Wilderness. I remember the train, the trams, all the different names to all the hollows,trails & runs,and most of all River Country.It was a true Tom & Huck Finn adventure spot! Also it does not matter what the occasion or holiday all the Disney campers love to decorate( motor coaches,trees,bushes,campers,lawn ornaments,golf carts. Yes, the golf carts I’ve seen some really good ones – birthday cakes, christmas trees, Halloween,to many to list!Thanks for all the new pictures! Missing it fiercely!

  22. I love Fort Wilderness and it was so nice to see that they used something from River Country in there pool rehab! I only wish I lived closer so I could camp there.

  23. ssshhhh….we fort fiends all know that the FORT is Disney’s really Disnet’s best kept secret! Thanks for the great read and pictures; glad someone updated that there is indeed a hot tub now! Also, alot of the loops have been upgraded with larger cement pads and new grills and picnic tables. Yes, the dining plan is available to cabin guests.

  24. Is there a weight limit for the off-road Segway tour vehicles?

    Jack’s Answer: There is a minimum weight of 100 pounds and a maximum of 250 pounds.

  25. Hi Jack.. we’re considering Fort Wilderness either for cabins or camping for our next trip. Especially since we have 4 kids and most hotels are only set up for 4 people. Just wondering if you can still buy the meal plan if you stay @ Fort Wilderness. I’m going to be on vacation too and would prefer to not be the cook all the time. Thanks.

    Jack’s Comment: I do not know definitively. You’re going to have to call and ask. But if you’re staying in a cabin, I can’t imagine why not. Those cabins cost as much as (or more) than a hotel room. I would hope that you would qualify.

  26. Another Fun thing to do at Ft. Wilderness is at Christmas Time. We go down every couple of years for Christmas and like to go over to Ft. Wilderness and ride the bus around the campground and look at everyone’s christmas decorations. Some people go all out with lots of lights and the blowup lawn ornaments. Its a lot of fun!!

  27. Thanks for this blog post and photos. We are planning to stay at the Fort Wilderness Cabins in March 2010, our first family vacation. It’s nice to see some new photos. You’ve got the magical WDW giddyness stirred up inside of me!

  28. We absolutely love Ft Wilderness. Our last stay in 2006 was here and we are planning to stay here again in 2010. We can’t wait. It is so relaxing without even leaving the area. Thanks for showing us some new pictures and the updates to the place. (Is it May 2010 yet?!!) 🙂

  29. Our first visit to Fort Wilderness was in Nov., 1984. We decided to go to Crockett’s Tavern our first night, since we arrived rather late. We had pizza and beer, and listened to the entertainer sing and play the guitar. In l984, a tram was used for transporting guests around the campground. We boarded the tram to go back to the parking lot, and soon realized we were just circling around the campground. When we questioned the driver, he said “You need the bus to get to the parking lot – you can catch it at this bus stop”, and let us out of the tram. We sat in the semi-darkness for what seemed to be an hour waiting for a bus to appear, and watching armadillos cross the road. My husband later christened the resort “Fort Desolation”. Since then, we have stayed in the cabins, and the former mobile homes, five times, and love everything about that tranquil place!

  30. Thank you for posting this – my family and I are going to plan a trip and stay here. We have always wanted to stay here. We have stayed at the Grand Floridian and Polynesian sp? I know this will be way different but I was a kid when I stayed there and now we are all taking our kids and think that Fort Wilderness cabins would be perfect. One question – Can you tell me what is in place of River County? Years ago we went to River Country so I am curious to see what is in it’s place.
    Thanks for the Blog!

    Jack’s Answer: To answer your question, River Country is still there. However, it’s completely inaccessible to guests. Small portions of it can be seen when traveling by it in a boat, but not much. From what I understand, it is in complete disarray and would break the heart of anyone who has fond memories of it should they see it.

  31. We absolutely love the Hoop-dee-doo Review. The food was excellent and the entertainment was exceptional. The interaction with the Cast Members between acts was so much fun and even continued while the actors were on stage. We are looking forward to a return visit.

  32. What perfect timing for this blog. Me and my family will actually be arriving at Fort Wilderness for our 4th stay there on MAy 9th. The pictures and blog have just added to the already busting at the seems excitement. My 3 year old daughter asks me everyday how much longer and she saw the pictures on this blog and yelled at the top of her lungs..”WE’RE GOING BACK TO DISNEY WORLD!!!”
    Thank You for that Magical Moment!!!

  33. Great timing!! We arrive tomorrow (11 of us)! It was awesome to see a preview and to know that the pool has reopened. The kids will be thrilled. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m thrilled!!

  34. We have had a great time staying at Fort Wilderness Campground. These pictures are great and bring back good memories. I remember about 10 years a go my kids were 5 & 7 and it rained while we were camping, we still had a great time. Look out for the wildlife. During that trip my whole family saw an Armadillo run under a bush. Very Cool. The campground is in Disney World but it is also next to deep woods with a lot of wildlife.

  35. There are also pet friendly loops now at Ft. Wilderness and a doggie yard, Waggin’ Tails, where the dogs can run free and socialize with other dogs. Just remember to pick up behind your pups with the bags provided.

  36. We too have been Disney campers for the past 6 years and will be returning this year as well..however, our very first visit was when our boys were 4 and 6…they are now 35 and 37…and we also enjoy River was Great. I finally asked the right person last year and found out the reason for it’s closing. Seems that when building it they did not realize that the location being so close to the lake that the chlorine waters would run into the lake and cause many problems…and so they had to close it down. It is so nice to see that the barrel from River Country has found a new life…Yeah for Disney!!!

  37. Our first stay at Ft. Wilderness was February l972, 4 months after WDW opened it’s doors. It is the best of Disney’s accomodations and has changed little since then. There is nothing more relaxing than returning from a day at the Magic Kingdom to the serenity of the “campground”. Forget the hotels, buy a motorhome and experience one of the great joys of Walt Disney World.

  38. Thank you so much for the your pictures and thoughts on Fort Wilderness. This will be the first time our family is staying there. We are now even more excited for our stay at Fort Wilderness 🙂

  39. I love Ft. Wilderness. I have stayed there many times starting when I was 5 years old. Now I’m 36 and am bringing my 5 year old there for the first time in September.

    I can still remember being there for the first time and I can’t wait to see how my son reacts.

  40. Oh man! Great photos of this wonderful campground. We stayed here many times when I was growing up. We used to go to Trails End which I believe is now Davy Crocketts Tavern and make our own pizzas. I haven’t been to the new water parks yet but I’ll tell you what, I miss River Country. Too bad it closed down. Staying at Fort Wilderness brings back great memories.

    Jack’s Comment:

    Just for the record. Trails End is the restaurant and Crockett’s Tavern is the cocktail lounge — and both still exist. However, a few years ago, Trails End commandeered all of the tables at Crockett’s Tavern and expanded the restaurant into this space. All that’s left of the cocktail lounge is the bar.

  41. My family camped many times in Ft wilderness when I was growing up. I now own the family camper and will be using it this June. I can’t wait for my kids to experience all the activites. However, they will never know my favorite water park, River Country! For years I wished they would reopen it but it never happened. I am glad to see they used part of it at the pool. Thanks for all the pictures.

  42. Just read Jack’s blog update on Ft Wilderness pool! Thank you so much! We are headed to Ft Wilderness for the 1st time in Decmber and his review of all the wonderful things to do at the campground was just what we needed to get everyone excited for a great trip! The kids can’t wait to go horseback riding, my husband is excited for the fishing, and i can’t wait to relax in a rocking chair on the porch! Thanks for reminding us there are more than just parks to WDW!!

  43. Just a note Jack, the fish you catch at Ft. Wilderness won’t be for ‘dinner.’ All fishing at the world is catch and release only.

    Jack’s Comment:

    Thanks for writing and thank you for catching my error. You are entirely correct and I have changed the blog to reflect the “catch & release” policy.

    However… I looked through some old Walt Disney World material that I keep on hand. At one time, Walt Disney World guests with kitchens were allowed to keep their catch. I’m not sure when this policy was changed.

    Thanks again for keeping me on my toes.

  44. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Jack! LOVED the pictures!!! Our first ‘taste’ of Disney was staying at Fort Wilderness many years ago and we had always wondered why they never made the pool area more exciting, especially for those staying in the $$$ cabins! So its nice to finally see (at least) a slide….now if they would just put in a HOT TUB we’d be all set! P.S. I noticed in your last shot the rocking chairs….and thought I read somewhere recently that they were removed. Glad to see they are still there!

    Jack’s Comment: One of my readers, Jim, was kind enough to write and let me know that a hot tub was added.

  45. Looking forward to our “return” camping trip this summer with our oldest daughter and her family (2 grandkids). Have been to WDW at least 7 times in the last 8 years but the last stay at the campground was in 1979. Oh how time flies.

  46. Our family loves camping at Ft. Wilderness. We all agree that it’s the nicest campground we’ve ever stayed in … and we camp quite a bit.
    Thank you so much for the pictures! We are looking forward to our next WDW camping vacation. It truly is very affordable.

  47. Thanks for the updated pictures. My family and friends have stayed at Fort Wilderness many times and we love everything it has to offer:)

  48. Thank you for this blog. My family has stayed at Wilderness Lodge and went over to Ft. Wilderness and loved it. You brought back great memories of Ft. Wilderness and of the Lodge!

  49. Another great blog! Glad to see someone FINALLY recognize Ft. Wilderness.

    We don’t ever camp either, but we never miss a chance to visit Ft. Wilderness. We love all of it.

    I’ve always wondered if you could still rent canoes there. Neat to see the RR track is still visible.

    Also…I have never been able to see the barn where the horses are kept. Thanks for sharing!

  50. Thank you so much for this blog. I forgot how nice Ft. Wilderness can be. I am planning our trip for Sept and we will definitely be visiting this “resort”, my 4 yr old godson will love it! I will also make an ADR for the Hoop-Dee-Doo-Review, I have an old picture of my late PopPop on stage in a pink tutu!!!!