Disney Eggs

Just in case you’re not getting your complete Disney fix while vacationing at Walt Disney World or Disneyland, the company has come out with something else to keep us happy — Disney Eggs.


I don’t know if they’re available nationwide, but they’re for sale in Orlando and cost me $2.69 at my local supermarket.

Each egg is stamped with one of six characters – so you get two of each. But different cartons contain different characters so if you’re little one really loves Buzz Lightyear, you might need to open several packages before finding our Toy Story friend.





The TV commercial shows someone frying an egg in the shape of our favorite Mouse using a Mickey mold. But this MM mold was not for sale at my market. I know at one time they were sold at Walt Disney World, but I haven’t checked lately so I can’t guide you in that direction with any certainty.

I have to assume that the intended market for these eggs is children. But if I remember my own childhood correctly, I never saw the egg until after my mother had cooked it and served it to me on a plate. So I’m not quite sure what the appeal will be for the little ones. But hey, I guess we adults can enjoy these cute little eggs too.

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8 Replies to “Disney Eggs”

  1. I purchased Disney eggs at Martin’s in Harrisonburg, Virginia. All 5 of my children have gotten a kick out of them. My daughters (4 and 8) enjoy choosing which characters are going to add Disney magic to brownies, scrambled eggs, etc.. My sons 14, 13 and 11 enjoy telling me not to put any “Pooh” in their food 🙂

    We have bought the eggs three times and have never found any characters other than the ones you have pictured (and we’ve looked through them all)

  2. I have not seem them in Cental Jersey and we’ve been looking for them because my 3 year old wants them (he loves to food shop with me). I have, however, seen the advertisement for them on the floor of the supermarket in front of the egg case…

  3. Looks like Bill above covered my area but I have them in the fridge after seeing them in a ShopRite in South Jersey.

  4. I’ve also seen these eggs sold at Giant supermarkets in the Philly area.

    But I agree with your last statement. By the time my kid sees the egg, the character will be long gone, so I’m not quite sure what the point is.

  5. They sell a red silicon mold for eggs or pancakes everywhere in the World. I saw it wherever kitchen stuff is sold and at most of the hotel gift shops.

    Additional comments: I recieved a follow-up message from Susan. She tells me that her husband and son just returned from Disney World where they bought a Mickey Mouse egg mold. So they are still for sale. Yea!

    Thanks Susan.

  6. Jack, LOVE your stuff!
    This is my first contribution to Allears (after traveling to Disney every summer since I was 3 and I’m 37 now, you would think that something other than eggs would have prompted a comment from me sooner).
    They have these eggs here in the Pittsburgh area of PA also. I thought they were marketed for Easter. They might also just be Disney packaged to promote general sales much like fancy cereal boxes get the attention of children.
    They are cute though and I think would be fun for easter. It is also nice to see Disney in the grocery store on things other than junk food.
    I have the set of MM shaped egg molds. I bought them at the Pantry Store at the Marketplace in Downtown Disney a few years ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out the magic to making them work. They are a bit blunt on the surface that sits on the pan and don’t ‘seal’ to the pan. So, the egg runs out under it a bit and doesn’t make a clear MM shape. They are good for making some cut outs in food though. But don’t work for eggs or pancakes.

    Jack’s comments:

    I’m glad you wrote, even if it was eggs, not theme parks, that prompted you.

    The idea of these eggs being used at Easter also occurred to me. However, when I hard-boiled a couple of them, the character’s faces faded away into nothingness. Sigh.

    The Panty Shop at Downtown Disney would be an excellent place to search for the Mickey Mouse egg molds.

  7. Jack,

    I recall from my December 2008 trip to WDW that they were still selling the Mickey Mouse mold to shape eggs, pancakes, etc. into the famous mouse. I believe they were selling the mold at MouseGear in Epcot, in the section with all the other cooking gear such as aprons, utensils and flatware. I may have also seen it at the Yankee Trader Gourmet Shop near the Haunted Mansion in MK, and Mickey’s Pantry at Downtown Disney.

  8. They have the eggs here in Atlanta. My fiance and I saw them, and almost bought them. We just didn’t understand them. Here they offer a dozen and an 18 count pack. I think had they offered a half dozen we’d get them the next time we needed eggs.

    Thank for sharing.