Video Blog Beta Test – Take 2

A few days ago I began to share video clips from my recent trip. As I mentioned, these are Beta Test Videos. First time with the recorder, first time getting them in a blog.

Originally I had put together my first day videos into 2 blogs,but they turned out to be way too huge and I couldn’t get them uploaded. I’ve now broken them into segments and they loaded much easier.

This first one is from my room at the Dolphin, shortly after I checked in:

Next is a short look at the Boardwalk Inn, Villas and the Boardwalk itself:

Dinner was at Flying Fish with my friends Tod and Sue and Vickie and Steve (Mr. Hidden Mickeys).

Let me know what you think of the videos. I know they are still really rough, but are they the types of videos you would like to see? I have more I’ll load in the coming days.

Thanks for helping me beta test the videos!

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23 Replies to “Video Blog Beta Test – Take 2”

  1. Hey Deb- Love the video blogs. We always stay around the Boardwalk area so it was definitely nostalgic and makes me want to go back SOON! Can’t wait to try the Flying Fish on our next visit.

  2. Deb! I think the video blogs are GREAT! I love that you showed all three courses at Flying Fish. Its one of my favorite restaurants! I hope to see more video meals in the future!

  3. Hi Deb,

    Just want to say I appreciate these blogs alot.
    thank you.

    Could i suggest that you perhaps film segments of live shows, and character greetings also?

  4. I love your blog and the new videos. I’d like to see more of the resorts because it makes me feel like I’m there.

  5. Deb-Love the videos…Keep up the great work! I love watching the videos as it makes me feel like I am in the middle of the magic!

  6. Love the video updates – please keep them coming! No need for a tripod or anything either – they are better ‘rough’! Also agree with Michelle – great to put a voice to a face Deb!

  7. Thanks to your video, I now have to explain to my husband why I have drool all over my keyboard!!!! I am dying to try that Tuna that Steve had. I hope it is as good is it looks/sounds. It is also neat to finally put a “voice” with a face; I’ve been following your website for years, but it somehow makes things “more real” when you hear someone’s voice 🙂 Keep ’em coming….I love the video and it tides me over until my next trip.

  8. Deb- Just want to thank you for all you do. Love the video blogs. It really helps the Disney “fix”, that I need daily. :)Robin

  9. Deb, Love the videos, keep them coming. Enjoyed seeing Steve and Vickie again. Any plans for another cruise.

    Thanks Sara

    DEB: No plans for a Steve and Deb cruise right now. Will certainly post online if something happens!

  10. I don’t think the videos are “rough”, I think they are GREAT! It is wonderful to get another option for a Disney “fix”! YEAH!

  11. Deb,

    Thanks for showing us the videos. Its great to see along with the blogs you and everyone else posts. I read them every day.
    Thanks for sharing the Disney Magic in between vacations.

  12. Deb,
    I like the videos but they are a bit shakey and move around a great deal. I would recommend a video tripod or a monopod to steady the picture up rather than hand held. Thanks

  13. I really enjoyed the videos! I loved seeing the boardwalk and the food… well, lets just say I’m salivating at the sight of it! I’ll be looking forward to more of these!

  14. Hi Deb,

    I loved the video blogs! Just wanted you to know that they are truly enjoyed and apprecitated!


  15. I LOVE the video blogs, loved seeing the food at Flying Fish as we’ve never eaten there before. Maybe a new blog option – RESTAURANTS with videos!You make me feel like I am back in my favourite place on Earth to hear the music behind you as you walk at the Boardwalk – keep them coming!!

  16. I like the videos. You get to see alot more detail that some photos just can’t provide. I also like the live commentary. Keep up the great work!

  17. I read your blogs everyday and I love your wesite. The video blogs are great. I would love to see more of them, anything Disney is good. Especially the resorts, it makes me feel like I am there. Keep them coming. Thanks,