Heading to Walt Disney World

Later today I’ll be catching a flight to Orlando for a trip to Walt Disney World. As I look over my itinerary, I remind myself that I never seem to accomplish all I set out to do each trip. Guess that’s why I keep returning 🙂

Some have affectionately called me the queen of lists! I keep a Word Document itinerary for every trip I take, Disney or otherwise. It makes it easy to share with friends/relatives and also gives me a sense of focus during the trip. Each row is separated by breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning, afternoon, evening. For Disney trips there is also a top row that has Park Hours and Extra Magic Hours. The columns include each day of the trip. I now have a handy one page reference sheet to keep with me while I’m out and about.

Sample Itinerary

Every trip to Walt Disney World involves research of one kind or another. It may be to track down that elusive menu that has become outdated, or check construction status, get particular information about an attraction (or resort or restaurant), get photos, or just wander around the park and see what I notice.

No matter how many times I am at Walt Disney World (and I really have lost count) there is always something new for me to see or experience. This trip I plan to see the rehabbed Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom, do the Wilderness Back Trail Adventure Segway tour at Ft. Wilderness, and attend the Tower of Terror Party on Saturday night. Of course, many other things are on the agenda 🙂


And, no visit to Orlando is complete without seeing old friends and meeting new ones. One special friend, Masayo, is visiting from Japan. In fact she and her travel companion will be doing the Segway tour with me.

I hope to provide daily updates….which sometimes is easier said than done.. but I’ll do my best.

If you see me in the parks, please do stop by and say hello. I come with gifts (while supplies last) and always enjoy meeting readers. Who knows, perhaps you’ll see your photo in this blog once you return home.

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