Magic Meets – Friday Morning Update

9:30am — Just spoke to Fred on the phone. Things are going great.

Here is Fred’s morning report:

Just woke up a little while ago. We were in the ballroom late last night getting a head start on things. Screens and projectors needed to be setup and fine tuned and audio systems had to be turned up and tested.

Mike Scopa, Mike Newell, Lou Mongello, two very helpful volunteers ( Jim Felty and Brad Garfinkel) and myself all worked in the ballroom with setup.

Shortly after midnight we were joined by Beci Mahnken who flew in from Seattle WA. She gave me one heck of a bear hug! It’s GREAT to see friends again!

Trying to remember what else as I’m still not completely awake but alas, as has been said, THERE IS WORK TO DO!

Today I will be doing more work in the ballroom and also preparing for most of the sponsors and speakers to arrive. Being that some people got a head start setting up yesterday, those arriving today find extra hands to help out.

Aside from setting up the ballroom and breakout rooms, we also have to prepare for our first (hopefully annual) Friday Night Pre Meet VIP Party.

Well that’s all for now, I’ll try to get some more to you all later if I can squeeze in a fraction of time from my loaded schedule.

blue line

Deb’s Update
Last night Linda and I were busy doing last minute touches on everything. We are both working this morning and then will head home around lunch time to pack the car and head out. Of course, packing the car is not as easy as it sounds. We have 4 gift baskets (yes 4) that will be given away at the meet, plus AllEars® Swag, plus decorations for my breakout talk.

Also, we are bringing several Disney posters that will be on easils at the AllEars tables. These posters are “for sale” with all monies going to the DreamTeams’ Make a Wish fundraiser. The posters are very cool – I’ll try to get some pics up later.

We are only about 90 minutes from Harrisburg so the ride will, hopefully, go quickly.

Today we will probably run around like little kids — screaming with delight to see our dear friends again…. and meeting lots of new folks.

I’ll be checking in again later this afternoon once we arrive at the hotel. Will also see if I can get a couple blog interviews with folks who have already arrived.

Hold onto your hats and glasses folks – this here is the “wildest” ride in the universe.


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