Glo’s Sea Day Entry – 5/27/07

Incredibly slow internet

It’s taken me almost half an hour to get connected to the blog site just to post today’s notes. I must tell you, I’m not sure I’m even going to keep trying. We’ll see….

Anyway, here are my notes from today.

Well, it wasn’t the sunny, warm Mediterranean today (Sunday). It was cloudy and overcast most of the day and even drizzled just a bit. No matter, we are enjoying ourselves thoroughly. We slept in a bit late, went to breakfast, walked around the ship for a while and visited the two small gift shops onboard.

After lunch we watched an art auction for a while “¦amazing what people will spend on a piece of art! “¦but they actually weren’t selling to many. Hardly seems like it’s worth the effort for the gallery, but I guess it must be since almost all cruise ships have auctions.

Tonight is formal night and we have to get all gussied up for dinner. Should be fun.

Nothing exciting to tell you tonight. Dinner was great! …but for a “formal” night there were still lots of folks in casual clothes. Gary looked really good in his tux and I had fun dressing up in sparkles. Unfortunately we didn’t even have time to get our picture taken 🙁 …but you know what we look like, rigfht?

Tomorrow is our first port of call (Palermo) and we have to be ready to leave the ship at 8:15, so I’d better get some sleep. More tomorrow.

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