Attractions At A Glance

Name Location Notes


Spaceship Earth Park Entrance The history of communications - gentle ride in slow moving vehicles.
The Seas with Nemo and Friends The Seas with Nemo and Friends Explore the Seas - mostly walking; Large Aquarium, exhibits, show and short ride with Nemo theme
The Seas with Nemo and Friends Clamobiles will take you through a colorful reef where you'll see all your favorites from Finding Nemo!
The Seas with Nemo and Friends Interactive experience with Crush from Finding Nemo (Kids sit up front). Stingray viewing in waiting areas.
The Land Pavilion The Land Exploring our land - Several attractions, Character Meal and Food Court
The Land Simba & Friends movie about the environment and our relationship with the land.
The Land FastPass Gentle 14-minute boat ride through unique indoor plant growing areas.
The Land FastPass Gently soar over California, feel the wind and smell the oranges.
Journey to Imagination    
Journey to Imagination FastPass 3-D Special Effects Movie, 20 minutes.

Journey into Imagination with Figment!

Journey to Imagination Gentle ride with "sense-sational" special effects.
Ellen's Energy Adventure Universe of Energy Dark, but gentle ride past Audio-Animatronic dinosaurs, includes wide-screen movie on energy.
Mission: SPACE Mission: SPACE FastPass Ride to Mars; experience space travel like an astronaut. Two versions - Mild and Intense
Test Track Test Track FastPass High Speed Car ride through an automobile testing lab.


American Adventure American Adventure Audio-Animatronics theatre show the history of the United States, 30 minutes.
Gran Fiesta Tour Mexico Whimsical gentle boat ride featuring Donald and The Three Caballeros
Impressions de France France 200 degree airborne French travelogue movie set to classical music.
Maelstrom Norway FastPass Journey back in time to the Norway of old aboard dragon-headed 16 passenger boats. Short Film after ride.
O Canada Canada 17-minute CircleVision 360 film that provides you with breathtaking views of the countryside.
Wonders of China China 19-minute CircleVision 360 movie presentation about China.