As you enter St. Mark's Square, you pass two massive free-standing columns.  At the top of one is St. Theodore, a military leader who played an important role in early Venetian history.  Atop the other column is a winged lion, the mythical guardian of Venice and the symbol of St. Mark.

The architecture is a reproduction of the Doges Palace in Venice. Since it would be virtually impossible to find an exact duplicate of the marble, the Disney Imagineers created their own.  In this case, the marble is actually fiberglass (covering brick supports) that has been painted and specially treated to resemble the real thing.


The shops and architecture are the featured attractions in Italy.

Epcot Attractions At A Glance


Via Napoli is the brand new table-service pizzeria officially opening in September 2010. Patina Restaurant Group will operate the new pizzeria, the first authentic Italian pizzeria to ever open in the park. A unique feature at Via Napoli will be the wood-burning ovens, which are named after the three active volcanoes in Italy -- Mount Etna, Mount Vesuvius and Stromboli. Each oven will be sculpted with the "face of the volcano" -- reflecting the gods whose mythology surrounds each volcano's history. The menu, which is the same for both lunch and dinner, includes wood-fired pizza in three sizes: individual; large with eight slices; and "mezzo metro," or half meter, that is 12 slices. There will be a selection of classical Neapolitan pizzas, ranging from pizza bianca, quattro stagioni, piccante, ortolano and a traditional margherita. In addition to the margherita pizza, there are several vegetarian options, including fusilli pasta in a Southern Italian-style pesto, salads, minestrone and more. The average check is estimated to be about $23 and Disney Dining Plan is accepted (one table service credit per person per meal).

Tutto Italia is a full service restaurant serving Lunch and Dinner.

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Vegetarian and Other Special Diets


Sergio, the juggler, appears Monday - Friday in the courtyard. The World Showcase Players also entertain (and there is audience participation).

For more information on Epcot Live Entertainment, visit Steve Soares WDW Entertainment Website.

Italy in Epcot TOURING TIPS

The Pavilion includes kumquat trees, olive trees and grapevines as well as several "container gardens."

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival - The brand new beautiful patio garden is not to be missed (the sculptures are actually part of an old Regis and Kathy Lee set!)

Holidays from Around the World features storytellers in each country.  In Italy, La Befana makes appearances throughout the afternoon.  La Befana is the good witch who brings gifts to children on the Epiphany, January 6.  



Italy in EpcotEach of the World Showcase countries has a special "KIDCOT" area that provides an opportunity for your child to interact with a native of the country you are visiting.

Epcot Passports are great fun for kids as they have them stamped at each pavilion around World Showcase.

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Il Bel Cristallo Mask DisplayDelizie Italiane - Italian chocolates, candies.   

Il Bel Cristallo - Murano crystal, Capodimonte florals and figures, glassware, decorative items.   

La Cucina Italiana - Gourmet foods and cookware, pastries, wines.

(Exerpt from Shopping Around the World) Several Shoppers decided to make it an even better day by pausing in their SouvenEAR quest to sample a chocolate and wine tasting at La Bottega. For $6.50, they enjoyed Rosa Regale Brachetto d'Acqui wine and Pernigotti black chocolates from Piemonte, Italy. They wouldn't tattle on her, but we know it was Donna who led them astray. Later, Jen admitted that while the shopping had been fun, "what I liked best was having some wine and chocolate with my fellow shoppers in Italy."

Those who stayed on task decided that 15 pieces of Perugina Baci chocolates ($16) would make the perfect SouvenEAR (although you can't carry them around on a hot day such as this). Even though consensus was that there was not a lot to choose from in the designated price range (i.e., Italy is Expensivo!), Venetian Mask Pins ($7.50) and Small Venetian Masks ($20) were deemed acceptable, if not ideal, SouvenEARs.


The statues on the Doges Palace are hollow and are held in place by steel rods which run through the base into the statues themselves.

The city of Venice was the inspiration for the Italian Pavilion.

Italy in EpcotA smaller version of Campanile includes an angel sculpted using a model of the original and covered in gold leaf. The sea god Neptune is featured at the pavilion’s fountain.

The garden is more like a garden patio: blue, white and pink hanging baskets add color to the large buildings and garden walls. Citrus trees, such as orange and lemon, along with other Mediterranean trees, dominate the landscape. Flowering plants in authentic containers decorate the plaza.

L'Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante, rich in Florentine style, closed August 31, 2007 when the contract with Epcot ended. Alfredo's was based on a famous Roman restaurant of the same name. Fettucine Alfredo was the restaurant specialty.