Glenda Bowen's April 2000 Trip Report

My husband and I camped for two weeks at Ft. Wilderness. The camping was great.

I have a scooter and this was my first time to really use it to any extent. Since my husband has a bad back, I hesitate to ask him to unload it for my use. Anyway, after talking to WDW people who assured me it would be no problem to load on their buses, we were off to Walt Disney World.

For the most part, it was a wonderful experience with the scooter. Some bus drivers have an attitude about loading the scooters. I wish I had been able to see your website before we left and I would have been prepared. It took me somewhat off guard. Anyway, I won't tell you my dozen or so stories about bus drivers. I'll only say that for every bad one there was a good one. However, not much in between.

Information about boarding boats with a scooter --  If you are staying at an Epcot resort, I think (according to my husband's recollections) that all the docks are floating docks and therefore, are not the problem you experience at Wilderness Lodge, Ft. Wilderness and the Contemporary. We witnessed a gentleman who had a really large scooter loading and unloading without any problem at the Boardwalk. Evidently, the water level is very low at present (unless it changed since April 1,2000) and boarding with a scooter on a boat can be a problem, if not impossible, in other locations.

In response to one of your writers: The monorail would be easier if the attendants would line up the ramp with your scooter. It was almost funny how they expect you to maneuver in a foot of space to line up with the ramp. Most of the time my husband just pushed it over, but that would not work for everyone I know.

Also, if you could tell people when you see a person walking without the use of their scooter, there may be some very serious health problems that will not allow them to be on their feet all day. Who in their right mind would buy an expensive scooter or rent one for $30.00 a day if they didn't need some assistance. Just think what that adds to their admission. That is a very expensive day at the park.  Even the wheel chairs cost $8.00 a day and who wants to inconvenience loved ones to do this unless it is absolutely necessary.

There are a lot of inclines at all the parks that require a lot of work for someone to be pushed. My husband told me once (when I was worried at the perception some people have with my disability) "Do you think they would changed places with you if they truly understood what has happened to you?".

I had not been to WDW for fifteen years because there was no way to do that walking with my health problem. It is a wonderful place to go for people with disabilities.  You are doing a great job of compiling this information for people. Keep up the good work. thanks, Glenda Bowen

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