Reviews of Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

Serving a variety of creative drinks (Uh Oa!, Krakatoa Punch and the HippopotoMaiTai), as well as a selection of appetizers, sandwiches and flatbreads. And they don't call it "enchanted" for nothing!




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Reviewer: donnamarie25 Review Date: 11/30/2017

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My husband and I went to Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel for lunch. I had the Kalua Style Pork Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries and my husband had the Sweet & Spicy Wings...we shared so we could each try both. Very good. My husband had the shrunken head zombie (Very potent) and I had a pina colada. The staff was friendly and fun and service was excellent.
This was Sunday 11/26/17...a fun afternoon.


Fun atmosphere and good food



Reviewer: TiggerTrigger Review Date: 01/20/2016

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

We went here for a light lunch right when they opened (since we had the kids with us). The kids just had kids meals and our one daughter was a bit limited since she has nut allergies and I guess there are cross contamination issues with their fryer. I'm glad they let us know, but it's the only time we've encountered cross contamination possibilities at Disney to this degree.

Beyond that, my husband had a flatbread which he liked, I had the ahi which was great, and we shared an Uh-Oa that was really yummy and a lot of fun. Definitely worth the experience.


So Much Fun


Cross Contam

Reviewer: bellebookworm9 Review Date: 05/23/2014

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

We stopped in here on 5/21/14 around 6:45pm. It was very crowded, there were only two seats left, both at the bar, and not together. I ordered the Piranha Pool, which was delicious and had a very subtle vodka flavor. My friend wanted the Shrunken Head but they were out of the take home glassware, so he decided to postpone. There were several Uh Oa's ordered while we were there and the ceremony was cute-but prepare to get spritzed if you're seated at the bar!


Lots of fun


Small, crowded

Reviewer: pluto12 Review Date: 02/28/2014

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

We stumbled upon this place and it was my favorite experience of the entire trip! This is the consummate tiki bar. It's dark, it's decor is floor-to-ceiling kitsch, its drinks are served in fun glasses and the whole place gets into the fun. It's an adult place that emphasizes FUN.

We ended up coming in twice, and each time it was really packed. The bartenders do a good job keeping up with the pace, though they don't have time to interact too much. That said, they are an integral part of the atmosphere. Order the Uh Oa! for the best "show"! The Shipwreck on the Rocks has the best souvenir glass, if you ask me. And the Krakatoa Punch was just great.

Get there early to get a seat (or they may have you wait outside). And be prepared for the take-home glassware to double the price of your libation. But other than that... enjoy!!!



I loved every single thing about this place. So much fun!


It gets really busy and it can be hard to find somewhere to sit/stand.