Disney’s Hollywood Studios Debuts New Parking Lot Names — and More!

The next time you visit Hollywood Studios you will have new parking lot names to remember. Gone are “television”, “film”, “music”, and others. The new parking lots are packed with character!

Hollywood Studios’ New Parking Lot Names and Signs ©Disney

Disney shared a photo of one of the new signs as well as the new parking lot names. Get ready to park your car with: Mickey, Minnie, Jessie, Buzz, Olaf and BB-8.

Parking lot names and new signs are not the only changes in the parking and and entrance area of Hollywood Studios. Two new bus loops have been added to the entrance area for guests arriving on Disney buses from their Disney resorts.

You will still see some construction at the entrance area for the park as work continues on updating the tram lanes and walkways, as well as adding a  Skyliner station to the park and more security and screening areas.

These updates, coupled with the new car entrance for the park, are all in preparation for the  August 29th opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Need Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge info? We’ve got it ALL!

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One Reply to “Disney’s Hollywood Studios Debuts New Parking Lot Names — and More!”

  1. Disney should sell a name tag for every single parking space like they did for the bricks. “Honey, remember we are parked in Bob & Ethel Schwartz. People would buy these faster than Disney could sell them.