Where to Find Larger Sizes of Disney Clothing

Thanks to everyone who has written in with suggestions.

In regards to Disney clothing, I recently visited the World of Disney at the Downtown Disney area, and I was shocked to see that almost every shirt, sweatshirt and other clothing items were available in size 3x and up!! I have to say that I was very satisfied with my shopping experience for the first time since I began visiting Disney eight years ago, I was never so happy! I was so excited I bought just about everything I could get my hands on. Of course, my checking account didn't like that very much, but I just had to have it!

About size 5x Sweatshirts or t-shirts — If you bring in your own to the airbrush booth at the Disney Marketplace, they will spray your shirt.

The new Disney catalog has some items up to 4X including quite a few shirts.

Disneystore.com also has some large clothing. You can put your size in the search field and it will pull up everything that has your size. Enter XL, XXL, 3X, or 4X.

You might want to consider the iron on or sew on patches that Disney seems to have at the parks and put them on your clothing. The iron ons are really easy, and if you don't sew, perhaps a tailor or someone could sew on a patch.

I bought a 5X sweatshirt at the Prime 1 (formerly Belz) outlet in September. It was blue with the Walt Disney World logo but it was the only one I have ever seen

My friend, a guy, who is 4x – 5x bought T-shirts in Downtown Disney at the World of Disney store. I suggest going there and ask for men's extra large sizes.

We have had little problem finding large-size T-shirts and sweatshirts in sizes 2X and 3X in the parks, resorts or the Disney Stores and Catalog . We even found large-size T-shirts at a Disney Catalog Outlet Store! Now, I haven't found large-size PJ's or casual women's clothing, but I figure if we are patient (or maybe even a little noisy about it) we will find those items as well in the future.

I have begun to find a slew of large-sized Disney clothes (up to 3X) at Wal-Mart and also in the Disney catalog. I went to a Disney Catalog Outlet and found a lot of shirts, dresses, and shorts in the larger sizes which means they are in the catalogs but aren't selling. Let's all show Disney we want larger-sized clothes… even larger than 3x! I am finally the owner of several WDW tee-shirts… something I never thought possible.