February 1998


Brian Martsolf writes:

We had the 2nd NC RADP meet in February. After an
uneventful drive I arrived at the Haynes Mall on time, and
found Chuck already there sitting on the bench in front of the
Disney store in his Save Mr. Toad shirt. He gave me a
couple of Save Toad postcards to send in and we commenced to
chatting about all things Disney 🙂

I had brought my postcards (as I had mentioned in the e-mail
leading up to the meet that I'd like to find others to trade doubles
with) and a few Disney books. I got so engrossed in our
conversation that when I saw someone coming up through the mall wearing
mouse ears it didn't even occur to me until they were right on top of
us that it was Tim and Tracey Kugel.

We all started comparing next trip/last trip notes and found
that Chuck was going the next weekend, Tim and Tracey
were going the following week with an overlap on Sunday (for the
Toad in). Not only that but all of us are going in various
times in May (which makes me think June might be good for the next
meet). Chuck's going the beginning of May. I'm going the
7th-10th (10th is my B-day). And the Kugels are going towards
the end of the month.

We chatted there a bit just to give Cathy a bit of time to
show up (though we knew she had said she might not make it to the
meet). We found that all of us had been to and like Disneyland
very much, as well as WDW. The Kugels travel alot
due to their jobs, and Chuck and I both grew up out there.

Then we browsed the Disney store. While looking through the
book section I found a book I had just mentioned to Chuck,
before the Kugels came up, Walt Disney's Railroad
. I wanted to buy it so bad but It's a bit pricey for a spur
of the moment buy (though I have found it is has a pretty good
discount at and will probably purchase it from there

After that we headed over to Charleys (a restaurant at the
mall) for lunch. We ended up getting the exact same booth as we had
for the last meet neat huh. Tim and Tracey told us a little
about the circus they were going to that night (how was the dancing
hippo?). And that they are theme park enthusiasts in general and have
experience with a variety of parks. Even though no one else had
brought postcards to trade I passed around a few to look at anyhow
and kinda gave the Kugels a double take when the talked about
how different Pirates entrance looks on my old dl
postcard. When they terraced off the Frontierland
area for viewing
that area must have really changed!

After the meal we had a server take our pic on the way out. It was
really a nice time visiting hopefully we can start getting a
tentative date for June together sooner so more folks can plan to
attend the next meet. I'm willing to travel up that way again if most
folks attending are from up that way but since the Kugels are
from Charlotte (as am I and we have two malls with Disney
stores here this might be a good choice as well.

Upon arriving home I found an email from Chuck asking if I would
like to go with him the next weekend since the room he had (at the
Contemporary!) had two beds and he was going by himself. I wasn't
sure I would be able to work the hours out then thought of a way to
work it and made plans to go. Over the course of the next few days
Chuck and I even got invited to the big Saturday meet at Spoodles
(thanks to Deb Wills).

Unfortunately, Wednesday night I got a call from my mom that my
cousins husband had died. My sister and mom were going so I decided
to go too. It was nice seeing all my relatives but Saturday night
(the funeral was on Friday)as we were coming back from Pennsylvania I
couldn't help but think of all those RADPers at Spoodles. Well
there's always May 🙂

BTW (by the way) the next weekend I managed to get a dose of
Disney in by going to a postcard show in Atlanta .

Anyone who wants to start throwing around some dates for a June
(or any other time) NC RADP meet feel free.

brian martsolf (who will be at WDW on his birthday May 10) who has
been to DL many many times 🙂

unfortunately last time was aug 1981:-( (bigBrian on irc's Sandnet
room #radp-friends)

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