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I wanted to mention that I went to the Gospel Brunch and found the chairs OK for me. I was comfortable and not afraid the chair would break. There were other types of seating arrangements out of the main floor. (I'm a 26/28 sized gal who is 5'10'" and just under 300 lbs.) (9/00)


A Special Report by gardenia

So my roomie and I decided to go to the HOB's Gospel Brunch today and while we felt the $28 was a tad steep for the food and "show", we generally enjoyed ourselves… *after* a near-fatal flaw was exposed.

I am a big girl… pretty darn fat, if you want the truth, and when we walked in, we were shown to a table where, immediately, I knew I could not sit on the chairs without their breaking. I asked the server for a regular chair or an aluminum folding chair and he said he would bring a chair for me, no problem. I was embarrassed and in seconds, decided I didn't want him to bring this chair in in front of other people and my roomie and I decided to leave.

The hostess said there was no refund or anything, but I could take a plate to go and I explained I couldn't fit on the chairs and I needed to leave. That's when the server came back up and he had the much more sturdy wooden chair with him and I told him I was embarrassed and he was sooooo wonderful and said, "You can sit upstairs if you want, there are benches up there to sit on and you will have the place to yourself!" I thought about it for a moment and we agreed to do that. He showed me where the elevator was and said he would continue being our server and everything. What a gem he was!

So we get our food… which was alright… the chicken was the best thing there, but then I didn't eat the prime rib… and the show was good from our floating perch. If you are a vegetarian (which I usually am), you are out of luck pretty much food-wise. There were potatoes and a veggie salad thingie. The ceasar salad would be fine for ovo-lactos.

The layout, for those that don't know, is like a Southern church picnic… long tables shared with others (and a few round tables around the periphery). A stage is where the show takes place. I can see the audience's participation making or breaking the show; our audience was so-so.

gardenia (who suggests that PRE-planning to sit in the balconey is way to go for Folks of Significant Girth) (tickets are sold in advance)