Tuesday, 29th of October 2019 Menu Changes to Snacks Menu at Meadow Snack Bar

Tuesday, October 29th 2019 changes to Meadow Snack Bar Snacks Menu

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Apple Juicecostchanged from 2.69to 1.99
Michelob Ultracostchanged from 7.75to 8.50
Craft, Domestic and Imported Beercostchanged from 7.75 - $10.00to 8.00-$10.25
Jose Cuervo Margaritacostchanged from 10.50to 12.00
Moonshine Daiquiricostchanged from 12.50to 14.00
Ice Cream Noveltiescostchanged from 4.99 - $5.39to 5.19-$5.69
Davy's Lemonadecostchanged from 12.50to 14.00
Ole Smoky Strawberry Lightnin'namechanged from Strawberry Lightnin'to Ole Smoky Strawberry Lightnin'
Ole Smoky Strawberry Lightnin'costchanged from 12.50to 14.00
Ole Smoky Blackberry Colada Moonshinenamechanged from Blackberry Colada Moonshineto Ole Smoky Blackberry Colada Moonshine
Ole Smoky Blackberry Colada Moonshinecostchanged from 12.50to 14.00
Ole Smoky Blackberry Lightnin' Moonshinenamechanged from Blackberry Lightnin' Moonshineto Ole Smoky Blackberry Lightnin' Moonshine
Ole Smoky Blackberry Lightnin' Moonshinecostchanged from 12.50to 14.00
Luna Coladacostchanged from 12.50to 14.00
Removed Chocolate Milkfrom Menu Items