Friday, 29th of December 2023 Menu Changes to All Day Menu at Banana Cabana

Friday, December 29th 2023 changes to Banana Cabana All Day Menu

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Pink Guava Coladadescriptionchanged from Cruzan Guava Rum and Appleton Estate Reserve Blend Rum blended with Guava, Cream of Coconut and Pineapple Juice to Parrot Bay Coconut Rum and Appleton Estate Reserve Blend Rum blended with Guava, Cream of Coconut, and Pineapple Juice
Pink Guava Coladacostchanged from 14.50to 15
Kraken Punchcostchanged from 12.50to 14
Assorted Beerscostchanged from 7.50-$11.50to 8.75-$12.25
Banana Cabanacostchanged from 15.50to 16
All-Natural Lemonadedescriptionchanged from $5.29 available with strawberry or raspberry puree;to $5.99 available with strawberry or raspberry puree;
All-Natural Lemonadecostchanged from 4.99to 5.49
Fever Tree Ginger Beercostchanged from 4.99to 5.49
Caribbean Smugglercostchanged from 13.50to 14
Caribbean Mai Taidescriptionchanged from Plantation Original Dark Rum, Bacardi Superior Rum, Bols Orange Curaçao, Orgeat (Almond) and Lime Juiceto Bacardi Superior Rum , Myer's Original Dark Rum, Bols Triple Sec, Orgeat (Almond), and Lime Juice
Caribbean Mai Taicostchanged from 15.50to 16
Jamaican Frozen Runnercostchanged from 15.50to 16
Sangriacostchanged from 12.00to 13
Goombay Smashcostchanged from 14.50to 15
Island Time Seasonal Margaritacostchanged from 17.50to 18
Tropical Island Iced Teacostchanged from 16.50to 17
Breezy Beach Coladacostchanged from 14.50to 15
Loaded Friesdescriptionchanged from Cotija and fresh Pico de Gallo with Caribbean-style Chilito French Fries topped with Chili, Cotija, and Jalapeño Salsa
Jerk Chicken Sandwichcostchanged from 15.00to 16.5
Angus Bacon Cheeseburgercostchanged from 16.00to 17
Banana Cabana Burgercostchanged from 19to 17
Removed Premium Red Winefrom Menu Items
Removed Premium White Winefrom Menu Items
Removed Hoist the Colorsfrom Menu Items
Removed Mariner's Mojitofrom Menu Items
Removed Jerk Chicken Wingsfrom Menu Items
Removed Chile Con Quesofrom Menu Items
Removed Caribbean Pull-Apart Rollsfrom Menu Items
Removed Impossible™ Market Burgerfrom Menu Items
Removed Sebastian's Salad with Jerk Chickenfrom Menu Items
Removed Sebastian's Salad with Grilled Shrimpfrom Menu Items
Added Grilled Wingsto Menu Items
Added Caribbean Chips and Dipto Menu Items
Added Seafood Frittersto Menu Items
Added Calypso Saladto Menu Items
Added Calypso Salad with Jerk Chickento Menu Items
Added Coconut Shrimpto Menu Items
Added Pineapple Muleto Menu Items
Added Piña Coladato Menu Items
Added Wineto Menu Items
Added Appetizers/Startersto Grilled WingsMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto Caribbean Chips and DipMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto Seafood FrittersMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Calypso SaladMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Calypso Salad with Jerk ChickenMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Coconut ShrimpMenu Categories
Added Specialty Cocktailsto Pineapple MuleMenu Categories
Added Specialty Cocktailsto Piña ColadaMenu Categories
Added Wineto WineMenu Categories