Sunday, 7th of July 2019 Menu Changes to Lunch Menu at The Edison

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Sunday, July 7th 2019 changes to The Edison Lunch Menu

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Added Draught Beersto Menu Items
Added Bottled & Cannedto Menu Items
Added Sparkling & Dry Winesto Menu Items
Added Sparkling & Sweet Winesto Menu Items
Added White Wineto Menu Items
Added Red Winesto Menu Items
Added Rose Wineto Menu Items
Added Large Formatto Menu Items
Added Beerto Draught BeersMenu Categories
Added Beerto Bottled & CannedMenu Categories
Added Wineto Sparkling & Dry WinesMenu Categories
Added Wineto Sparkling & Sweet WinesMenu Categories
Added Wineto White WineMenu Categories
Added Wineto Red WinesMenu Categories
Added Wineto Rose WineMenu Categories
Added Wineto Large FormatMenu Categories