World Showcase Garland

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As we know, the Disney Imagineers are masters when it comes to detailing their parks and hotels. And the holiday decorations they display at this time of year are no exception. Each November, Holiday Services decorates 24 resorts including Disney’s Vero Beach and Disney’s Hilton Head Island, 4 theme parks, 2 cruise ships, the Disney … Continue reading "World Showcase Garland"

Photographic Innoventions: Telephoto Compression

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A camera lens which has a focal length over 100mm is considered a telephoto lens. This includes the popular zoom lenses which go over 100mm. Just like a telescope, the longer the focal length, the smaller angle of view is seen through the camera’s viewfinder. This has the effect of compressing objects at different distances … Continue reading "Photographic Innoventions: Telephoto Compression"
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