A Dapper Dan Close Up on Main Street USA

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The famous photographer, Robert Capa, once said that, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough”. Keep this in mind when photographing at Walt Disney World. Using either a zoom lens or zooming with your feet, you will find getting closer and filling the frame will immediately improve your photos. As an example, … Continue reading "A Dapper Dan Close Up on Main Street USA"
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Making Music at Disneyland

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Just wanted to share a couple of short videos from recent trips to Disneyland. The first one features the Dapper Dans. Those strange pipe-like things they are holding are called “Deagan Organ Chimes”. They make a cool sound! Mr. Potato Head is almost always doing something interesting – but I’d never heard him sing before! … Continue reading "Making Music at Disneyland"
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