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Reviewed by alexia9694 Review Date: 03/30/2016

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We are frequent visitors to the world in Florida. Our family always stays on Disney properties, usually club level. Never a complaint until our California visit. The trip itself was fantastic. First visit to the land for my children. I hadn't been there in many years. The club level at Paradise Pier was a sickening disappointment. The room we had was fantastic!! With a phenomenal view. Very quick, easy walk to and from both parks. There were so many negatives after that, too many to list. I'll give you the "highlights".
1. Dirty plate and silverware left next to the coffe maker the whole 5 days we were there.
2. Club offerings were pitiful .. Stale, dry breads and Danish in the morning. Fresh fruit consisted of apples and oranges that sat out all day everyday. Brown bananas. Good coffe though.
3. Afternoon "snacks" consisted of goldfish and Chex mix with a few cookies. We never made it back for evening offerings. And after the first 2 days of a 5 day stay we never went back except for coffee in the morning.
4. No bottled water. There are 2 bottles in the room at check in and ,per the manager, we were expected to fill them up from the gallons of spa water they had set out... The same water is available to all other guests just off the lobby.
5. The club lounge closes early. Very early!!
6. I asked for a beer 30 minutes before club room closed and was scolded. Really?? They gave me 1! After I asked a second time. 7. We brought pretzels and cheese back from the park one afternoon for a snack after a swim knowing the lounge had nothing to offer. I stopped into the club lounge and requested to have the pretzels and cheese cups, from the park, warmed a little in the microwave. I was told I would need to go to the public microwave and do it myself!!! I know the concierge have one in the lounge kitchen .. Apparently that would have put them out. Which brings me to number...
8. Concierge service is non existent !!!!no pre planning , check in was chaotic . They made a mistake and my room was not given charging privileges .. I found that out our first night as I am trying to pay for our dinners with NO cash or credit card on me. I had to call the hotel as our food got cold and a line of other guests stareing. Apparently the idiot who checked us in checked the wrong box indicating we did not want charging to the room available . It was fixed by the front desk over the phone , thank goodness. NO apology from the club staff for the mix up and inconvenience. Only dirty looks for the rest of our stay because
I spoke to the hotel manager about the incident the following morning. Club level is more about service than "free" food for most people, including me.
Basically I paid an extra $800 for 5 Cans of Coke and a latte I made for myself every morning and 1 beer, I begged for.
If you are someone more interested in service DO NOT waste the money!!!
If you've never stayed at a luxury property, AAA rated you will probably love this place.


Our room


Club level is a joke
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Reviewed by bellebookworm9 Review Date: 05/25/2014

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After debating our options for hotels, we chose a Concierge Level Theme Park View room at Paradise Pier. It was an excellent choice for our six day stay! My friend checked us in on 5/18/14 in the morning. Around 1pm, minutes before I arrived, we were assigned room 1434. Upon arrival of the bus at the resort, bell services stationed outside were very helpful in assisting the incompetent bus driver with finding my luggage. We took the glass elevator up to the 14th floor, and that is a real treat.

When we arrived in our room we immediately ran to check out the view. In a word: spectacular. We had an excellent view of the Paradise Pier at DCA, and a fantastic view of World of Color, which we watched two nights from the room. We could also see the Matterhorn and Space Mountain at Disneyland Park, and way to the left, Big Thunder Mountain!

The room was very spacious for the two of us. Plenty of outlets. Our room did not have a "nook" with the coffee maker; instead, the coffee maker was on the bathroom counter. This took up quite a bit of vanity space. There were plenty of hangers in the closet. The beds and pillows were so incredibly comfortable, we were trying to figure out how to take them home with us!

It was only $12/person/day for us to upgrade from a plain theme park view to the concierge level and I think we got our moneys worth. We stopped by 5/6 days for breakfast, and enjoyed bagels, pastries, muffins, cereal, and fruit. In the afternoon, there were cookies and snacks such as trail mix and goldfish crackers. In the evening, there were cheese plates, veggie platters, chips and salsa, as well as an appetizer. We had pineapple and beef skewers, and southwestern spring rolls. There was also an extensive dessert offering, including chocolate covered strawberries, tarts, pies, and cream puffs.

Other than that, we didn't take advantage of many of the other services. On our last day, I had been led to believe, via internet forums, that even though our key cards would be deactivated, we would still be allowed in the lounge. When we knocked around 4:30pm, we were told that we no longer had access and would not be allowed to sit inside until our buses came. Having never stayed concierge level before, at either DL or WDW, I'm not sure if this is common practice.

Other dining at the hotel leaves something to be desired. We dined at PCH Grill for dinner and found it to be adequate but not great. There is also the Surfside Lounge, open only for breakfast and lunch. The Mickey in Paradise store was well stocked and cast were friendly. The fitness club was closed for refurbishment (not that we would have used it anyway) but guests could use the one at the Disneyland Hotel instead. There was also a business center.

Finally, the pool was nothing special, but water is water. The fact that it's on the roof is pretty cool. I really enjoyed the slide, and liked that it didn't dump you in the pool. No disorientation if you're not plunged into the water! The pool area was clean and not overly crowded. Even on a warm day at 4:30 in the afternoon, I had no problem finding a lounge chair.

The location was great. It was a quick walk across the street to the Grand Californian, and from there we could either enter DCA or cut through Downtown Disney into Disneyland Park. I would definitely recommend Paradise Pier Hotel to guests wanting to stay on property to enjoy the perks associated with that, as it is a more affordable option compared to the Disneyland Hotel and GCH.

As a side note, I was not impressed with the Disneyland Resort Express. While this is not owned or operated by the Walt Disney Company, it is the "official" method of transportation to and from the airport. The bus driver on the way to the resort was loud, rude, and incompetent. Service on the return trip was much better.


Amazing view of DCA, spacious room, concierge food offerings


Concierge on last day
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