Saturday, 26th of January 2019 Menu Changes to Lunch/Dinner Menu at Paradise Garden Grill

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Saturday, January 26th 2019 changes to Paradise Garden Grill Lunch/Dinner Menu

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Kids' Uncrustables Sandwichnamechanged from Smucker's Uncrustables Sandwichto Kids' Uncrustables Sandwich
Kids' Uncrustables Sandwichdescriptionchanged from to Served with GoGo squeeZ applesauce and carrots
Removed Mexicanfrom Cuisines
Added Asianto Cuisines
Removed Ensalada de Frutasfrom Menu Items
Removed Yucatan-Inspired Vaporcitosfrom Menu Items
Removed Tortitas de Papa con Quesofrom Menu Items
Removed Tortillas de Estilo Callejerofrom Menu Items
Removed Cheese Quesadillafrom Menu Items
Removed Steak Tacofrom Menu Items
Removed Conchitafrom Menu Items
Removed "Coco" Cakefrom Menu Items
Removed Mexican Hot Chocolatefrom Menu Items
Removed Agua de Jamaica Slushfrom Menu Items
Removed Dos Equis Lagerfrom Menu Items
Removed Dos Equis Ambarfrom Menu Items
Removed Red Sangriafrom Menu Items
Added Whole Deep-fried Tilapiato Menu Items
Added Korean Grilled Chickento Menu Items
Added Vegan Orange Tempehto Menu Items
Added Banh Mito Menu Items
Added Mango Mousseto Menu Items
Added Almond Milk Iced Teato Menu Items
Added Almond Mik Iced Teato Menu Items
Added Tsingtaoto Menu Items
Added Entreesto Whole Deep-fried TilapiaMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Korean Grilled ChickenMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Vegan Orange TempehMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Banh MiMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Mango MousseMenu Categories
Added Specialty Beverages (non-alcoholic)to Almond Milk Iced TeaMenu Categories
Added Specialty Beverages (non-alcoholic)to Almond Mik Iced TeaMenu Categories
Added Beerto TsingtaoMenu Categories