NEWS: We Finally Have DETAILS on Tickets for Epic Universe

Epic Universe is expected to open sometime next year and become Universal Orlando’s third major theme park.

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Right now, the fans are seriously excited and that excitement is building with each land announcement, but we still haven’t officially heard any announcements from Universal about tickets — until now.

Okay, we still haven’t heard from Universal directly, but they did release Epic Universe ticket information to third-party sellers, according to the Orlando Business Journal.

We can’t wait for this to open!

Vice President of Public Relations for Universal, Alyson Sologaistoa, told OBJ that more ticketing options will roll out later, but the company is releasing info to sales partners to “get them ready for an upcoming sales effort.”

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So, how will tickets work when Epic Universe first opens? People who buy tickets from Universal’s sales partners must buy a “multi-day Orlando ticket package with a three-day minimum.” These only allow for one day at Epic Universe and will not include park-hopping to or from the new park. When tickets launch, there will be no option to purchase a stand-alone, single-day ticket to Epic Universe.

Epic Universe Preview Center

But, Sologaistoa said additional options are to come, including those for Universal Passholders.

“We are introducing products in a phased approach starting with multi-day ticket packages that include an opportunity to visit Epic Universe in addition to the entire Universal Orlando Resort for those planning vacations further out,” she said.

Epic Universe preview center

This is likely so that Universal can try to control the flow and crowd management strategy, as the park will no doubt be busy for a while after it first opens. Dennis Spiegel, CEO of International Theme Park Services, has some thoughts on the matter.

Spiegel says that when it opens, Epic Universe is “going to be slammed. Universal needs to control the spigot, especially early on.” He continued, “I was at Universal when the Wizarding World Harry Potter opened and once you got through the lines, you still had to wait for another six hours to get into Harry Potter. We don’t want that again.”

Super cool!

As far as Universal is concerned, Sologaistoa said, “We plan to offer a range of ticket products to help manage the expected demand for Epic Universe and to ensure all guests visiting have a great experience at this groundbreaking park.” One thing is for sure, we’ll be bringing you all the news you need to know about Epic Universe ahead of its opening.

EPIC Universe mail

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In the meantime, we’ll be on the lookout for any more news about Epic Universe, so stay tuned to AllEars for the latest.

EVERYTHING We Know About Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe

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