2024 Buying Guide to the BEST Disney Souvenirs on Amazon

Who’s in the mood for some retail therapy?

Disney merchandise gets us EVERY. TIME.

For us, the answer is almost always yes (despite what our wallet says, but shhh, don’t listen to her). These Disney accessories we spotted online are really necessities in our eyes, which means you won’t be able to resist buying them. We’ve warned you ahead of time — proceed with caution!

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4th of July is right around the corner, and we don’t know about you all, but we’re looking for some REALLY unique shirts. Ones that no one else has in their closets, and you know what? We think the Lilo and Stitch Americana T-Shirt is IT.


JUST LOOK AT IT! It combines the holiday with our love for Disney AND comes in 13 different colors. And you can also wear it other times of the year, too!

Buy it now!

For all our fellow long-haired friends out there, you likely know the pain of brushing your hair when it’s tangled. Using a wet brush can help with that, and now you can grab the Ariel Wet Brush!


This is great for anyone who loves Ariel, but it can especially be a great way to encourage young ones to brush their hair. They can’t use a fork like her, but she did brush her hair a lot, and they can follow suit!

Grab them here!

Speaking of hair accessories, it’s summer, and sometimes you wanna put your hair up to get it off your neck and out of your face. But you know what stinks? When you take it OUT and your hair tie, scrunchie, or elastic gets STUCK in your hair, and you have to rip it out. That’s where the Kitsch Disney x Satin Pillow Hair Scrunchies come in!


These scrunchies are silk, meaning not only are they better for your hair, but they won’t get caught as much! Yay for less pain!

Add it to your cart!

Hoping to do some cooking at home this summer with the family? Use The Disney Princess Cookbook!


This book has 50 beginner-friendly recipes the whole family can work on together! Even better, cook the meal together, then sit down to watch the movie it coincides with!

Check it out!

We know it’s summer now, but time moves FAST, and it’ll be cold again before we know it, so why not grab the Mickey Mouse Fashion Sweatshirt Crewneck now?


This adorable sweatshirt comes in just one color and features Mickey on the front, his face on one sleeve, and his initial on the other!

Grab it online!

Looking to bring Disney magic everywhere you look in your house? The Disney Classic Character Wall Decals are here to solve your problem!


With this set, you’ll get 23 different Disney designs that you can place all over your house and create your own fun scenes! Work is always easier when you’re looking at Thumper’s cute face, right?

Check it out!

We’re always bringing you the latest and greatest Disney finds, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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