The One Thing You Do NOT Want To Buy at a Disney World Hotel

You did it. You finished packing for your next Disney World trip. Congrats!!

Port Orleans – French Quarter

You probably had a checklist ready and crossed each item off as you carefully packed it in your luggage (or, let’s be honest — some of you had a family member who forced you to abide by the list). Whether you follow a list or not, there’s a chance that you’ve forgotten something — it’s bound to happen! But we’re here to warn you about one essential that you definitely don’t want to get stuck buying at your Disney World hotel.

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Each Disney World hotel has a shop where you can buy some essentials like toiletries and electronic accessories that you may have left at home. However, they are going to cost you a pretty penny!

Grand Floridian

For example, we checked out the Resort Essentials shop at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort where we saw a phone charger cord for $40. Yes, you read that right. $40! Do you know how many Dole Whips you could buy for that money? Don’t worry, we did the math and it’s 6.67 Dole Whips at Aloha Isle.

Resort Essentials store

Unfortunately, you’ll find that trend all over Disney World. Although much cheaper than the charger at the Dolphin, a three-foot-long charger still costs $22 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The 3-foot charger costs over $20

Let’s face it — everything feels expensive nowadays so why pay even more for something you only need a quick fix on the trip? There are so many options when it comes to buying those essentials so let’s go through some of them.

Disney World may feel like its own bubble, but you can still access real-world stores like Target. Speaking of, you can get a cheap charger cord like this there for just $9.99. Plus, it’s six feet instead of three!


If you don’t have a car and don’t want to take a rideshare to a store, you can also get items delivered! We pretended to order a phone charger on Instacart and were shocked at how cheap it ended up being.

First, download the app Instacart if you don’t already have it. Then search for a store or an item you need. We looked for phone chargers!

Screenshot from app

Several stores come up but we chose Walgreens for the purpose of this experiment. Note you need a $10 minimum for deliveries so we chose this one for $11.49. There are a few that are cheaper so if you need any other items you can add them onto the order to reach that minimum.

Screenshot from app

When we went to checkout, we were shocked that it would only be $18.24 to get this delivered to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort (including the recommended $2 that the app suggested). It may not be the most convenient way based on your situation, but it ended up saving a few bucks from the Hollywood Studios charger and over $20 from the charger we saw at the Dolphin. There are also promotions happening all of the time for a free delivery fee as you can see below.

Screenshot from app

If you are in a pinch and NEED to grab something from your hotel’s gift shop, it’s not the end of the world.  We just want you to be prepared for the prices so you aren’t shocked when you get there. Here’s a look at some of the things you’ll find including baby food, diapers, feminine hygiene products, sunscreen, soap, medications, deodorant, and more.

Essentials you’ll find at Disney hotels

Forgetting stuff happens to all of us, but hopefully, now you are better prepared if/when it happens on an upcoming Disney World trip. Keep following AllEars for more tips!

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