I Go To Disney World Every Day, and People Always Ask Me if the Magic Is Still There

I get to go to Disney World almost every day!

Hi! I’m Emma!

There is always something exciting going on in Disney World like updates to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, new scenes in Star Tours, and newly reopened restaurants! I am so lucky to say I get to experience it all first hand but that leaves a lot of people wondering if I still feel the same way about Disney, so I decided it’s time to be brutally honest.

I get to go to Disney World almost every single day, and after all this time I still can’t believe I get to write those words down. I grew up in rural Tennessee, so every few years we would take a trip down to see Mickey Mouse, and I would day dream about a time in my life where I could live in Disney World.

Just a little girl with big dreams!

The first time I moved to Florida, it was for 9 months to participate in the Disney College Program, and I was truly floating on air the entire time. I just couldn’t believe anyone would let me work at Disney World!

I worked at Rock Around The Shop along with some other spots!

Well, I moved home with the dream of eventually coming back, and after 3 years, I did finally call Orlando home! On a whim a few days after moving, I decided to apply for a weird little job, assuming no one would ever call me back, but for some reason, they did. That job turned out to be a YouTube presenter for AllEars, and I can easily say it’s changed my life. 

Trying snacks in EPCOT!

Because of all of the crazy fun challenges, food reviews, and tips and tricks we get to try out in the parks, I get to go to Disney World almost every single day and a lot of people can’t believe this is a real job. (Honestly I can’t either!) It also leaves a lot of people wondering if I still feel the magic in Disney and this is a more complicated answer.

Hi Mirabel!

The short answer is yes! I adore going to Disney World and still have those special feelings — but it’s not for the same reasons people might think. I do still feel the magic when I’m in Disney World, but now it’s for little things that traditional Disney guests might not necessarily notice.

Cinderella Castle

When I would go on vacation to the parks, I felt the magic when I would wake up in my Disney resort room before the sun was up (a little cold thanks to the AC), ready to take on another day in the park no matter how much my feet hurt. Now I get that magical feeling when I see other families in the parks, hugging each other as Happily Ever After is blasting on the speakers around us.

Happily Ever After

Growing up, Space Mountain was a MUST for me any time I was in Magic Kingdom but now if I can’t hop on a flight to the moon, it’s okay. I know I’ll be back super soon. I never thought I would get to the point where I was okay not riding Space! I truly can’t believe it, but I also don’t feel that I miss out on the magic if I miss out on this ride.

Space Mountain

But that’s not to say that I don’t feel the magic, it just means it’s shifted for me! What I’m trying to say is that I feel so much magic — but it’s for the special moments I see around me and not necessarily the moments I’m having for myself.

I love you Disney World

Now yes, I do still have amazing moments personally when I get to hangout with Mirabel and have breakfast, but those little daily moments of seeing what Disney means to other people has truly become the most special part of going to the parks for me. 

My really cool friends that I love so much!

I still can’t believe I get to do what I do every single day, and I truly hope I never take it for granted. I’m so grateful to feel that magic every day — even if it’s not the exact same as when I was growing up. I gave you the short and long answer and if you’ve made it this far, I think you’re super cool for reading this all. If you want to read more about Disney any time anywhere, don’t forget to follow us at AllEars!

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What is the thing that gives you that magic feeling in the parks? Tell me in the comments! 

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8 Replies to “I Go To Disney World Every Day, and People Always Ask Me if the Magic Is Still There”

  1. I will be retiring in a little over a year & moving as close to Disney without living in Golden Oak. I look forward to going to the parks, maybe working part time at Disney & riding the awesome bike trails in the state.

  2. I love Disney. I am not a big ride person as I get motion sickness easily. But I love walking through the parks and enjoying the beauty, safety, and excitement on the faces of the guests. It is the only place I have been where a young child waits in line for an hour or more for a two minute ride and then says ” That was fun can we do it again?”. If I could get a cheap pass just to walk the parks and not ride anything, I would love it.

    I do have to ask: is your experience the same as ours? Do you get special treatment because of what you do? Do you have to stand in line or spend the day picking one ride at a time on Genie+? Certainly you don’t pay for passes, Genie+, lightning lane, or for the food you eat. I’d love it even more if I had the perks you have. The one downside for me to Disney now is the knowledge that Disney has decided the perks and the special treatment that used to be a part of the experience are very much expendable.

    I wonder how you would feel if the perks you enjoy were deducted from your paycheck? And you had been doing it for 30 years like I have and watched Disney chip away at the magic.

    1. Hi James! We actually do pay for everything out of our own pockets. If we ever showcase anything that we received at a Media Event, we notate that in the article. We pay for Genie+, we pay for our annual passes, we pay for special event tickets like after hours parties (unless notated), we pay for individual lightning lanes, we pay for all of our food that we review and we stand in line with everyone else. We do not get special treatment and we like to keep it that way so that we can bring unbiased reviews and experiences to our readers/viewers. We also don’t get discounted tickets or meals. We pay the same as everyone else.

  3. Is Allears.net part of Disney? The reason I ask is that the rest of us need park reservations to go to a park and can’t hold more than 5 at a time. Not sure how one can go every day without working for Disney.

    1. Hi Carol! We do not work for Disney. Our reporters stay vigilant on making park reservations when they can. Sometimes it’s even at the last minute, but they are all annual passholders and make reservations the same way all annual passholders have to make them in order to go often. 🙂

      1. Are you behind on approving comments, because I posted one this morning that still has not been approved yet?

        1. Hi Ed! I am not here on the weekends so anything posted Friday afternoon through Monday morning won’t be seen until I’m back on Mondays, usually. 🙂

  4. Great article!! I love how you and the others get so emotional in the videos when you see new families experiencing Disney for the first time. Only 9 more years until I can retire and move down there to work at Disney. My wife and I always wanted to do that but she passed away almost two years ago. I am going to fulfill our dream of living and working there…can’t wait!! Thanks for what you and the Allears team do! Y’all are awesome!